From: Ananthakannan Manickam

1. The name of the movie has been changed from Anandham to Iruvar.

2. Mohanlal acts as MGR, Prakash raj as Karunanidhi and Ayswarya Rai as
   Jayalalitha, Nassar as E.V.R Periyar and Gauthami as Janaki (MGR's late 

3. First half of the movie would be in black & white and the next half of the
   movie would be in colour. The 2nd half of the movie is apparently a potrayal
   of Jayalalitha's regime.

4. The making of the film was disrupted during the film industry strike. Despite
   that Maniratnam shot an entire dance sequence with just the natural light.

5. It seems that AR Rahman has made use of acostic instruments to make the songs
   most unique in this film.

6. Suhashini is the assistant director for this movie.

7. One highlight of the movie is when both Mohanlal and Prakash raj would meet
   on a stage during the rally meeting. This scene was done in Madurai where 
   Mani gathered more than 10,000 people to shoot the scene.

8. Another interesting thing about this movie is the use of language. According
   to an interview by Prakash raj, the nature of tamil language used in this 
   movie is very poetic. I think, this is distinctly different from his earlier
   movies where short monologe where the characteristics of the movies. 

9. There was an interview in either Kumudam and Anandha Vikadan by Sarthkumar.
   Apparantly, Sarathkumar was not happy with Mani Ratnam.It is a very 
   interesting interview. He made some accusations on Mani Ratnam. In the 
   immediate next issue, some fans of Mani Ratnam wrote letters supporting Mani
   Ratnam denying the Sarthkumar's accusations. This episode was very
   interesting! Neverthless, Mani was not available for comments (as usual!!). 
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