Marudanayagam is Kamal's most ambitious venture to date, what the glamour world calls Magnum Opus. It has been in the planning stages for the last 4-5 years or so. Now it has at last seen the light of day.

Marudanayagam is a tale about a local chieftain around the Madurai - Ramanathapuram (in Tamil Nadu) area who was initially a stooge of the British but then later led a rebellion against them. By birth, he was apparently a Hindu but converted to Islam. The name Marudanayagam given to him was probably a confused version of Madurai-nayagan meaning Hero of Madurai.

Apparently historians are divided upon whether this person is actually eligible to be labelled as a freedom fighter. Kamal believes that the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny, normally called the First War of Indian Independence, wasn't the first one. The rebellion led by Marudanayagam qualifies to be the first one. But that is a matter of conjecture for the historians to sort out ... while we avid movie-goers will be content to see the movie and enjoy it.

Achieving a coup of sorts by getting the British Monarch to attend the shooting and at the same time spewing out lines of venom attacking the Brits was a great way to start off the film. It remains to be seen if the movie packs enough punch to set the box office boxes ringing and even please a dedicated follower of good cinema like me. People are already talking about an Oscar for the movie ... frankly its too early. Yes the cast is awesome. From what I know, Kamal is supported by the likes of Om Puri, Naaser, Amrish Puri (??) (all excellent actors !), music by Karthik Raja. Watch this space for updates. Meanwhile here are a few pics related to the movie :

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Indolink's Tamil Cinema site has more footage of Marudanayagam snaps etc. Not for the humour impaired :)
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