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Abby's the brat of our household. She has a "can do" attitude that's not always welcome, but is always endearing. Abby has earned many admirers with her lively, undaunted approach to the world.  With her standard size and stocky build, Abby exudes the impression of "great strength for her size."  She is AKC pointed with very limited showing .

In 2002, Abby earned her CD title in back-to-back trials, placing each time! She consistently scores in the 190's, and was the #2 Obedience AmStaff for 2002! In May of 2003 Abby earned her NJP (Novice Agility Jumpers- Preferred Division) title taking first place with each leg!! In October, she finally got the last leg of her NAP (Novice Standard) title, also earning first place with every leg!! Abby's fearless outlook & natural athleticism suit her perfectly for a career in agility!

In the fall of 2004, Abby earned her CDX  (Companion Dog Excellent) title in her first three trials, with an average score of 191. She earned two first place finishes, and a third in very large classes. Her placements earned her the #1 spot in Open A rankings for 2004.

Abby now lives with Bruce Baker, and is working toward her TD (Tracking) title!


CH Vanslake's Black Label

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Mithril Renegade Shoshoni
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