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I was first introduced to the American Staffordshire Terrier in the early 90's. What I loved best about the breed was their versatility! Whereas other breeds seemed to have particular "working lines" or "show lines", it was immediately clear to me that AmStaffs could do it all. In 1995 I got my first AmStaff. When I finished college and "settled down" I got the chance to become more involved in the dog show scene. I began competing in obedience trials, and I got my first "show dog".

Today, Cimarron Staffs is the product of a love & commitment to AmStaffs that represent the "total package". My goal is to own & produce all-around dogs, that can win in the breed ring, excel at obedience and agility, and make great family pets! I think the most important job of any dog is to be a great companion.   My dogs are all Canine Good Citizens, and they live together in the house.

I believe in breeding only the best to the best- which means temperament, health and conformation must all be considered. I also believe in the importance of performance titles as a means to prove the character and temperament of dogs in a breeding program.

I am a member of the Staffordshire Terrier Club of America and the Tulsa Dog Training Club. I also serve as an instructor for the Tulsa Dog Training Club. I welcome requests for information from new-comers to the breed, and will do my best to help with any training questions new AmStaff owners may have. I'm thankful for the many knowledgeable, experienced mentors I've had (and continue to look to!), and hope that I may someday have the opportunity to give back all I've been fortunate to receive. Thank you for visiting Cimarron Staffs! 

Stacy Withrow & Chris Kennedy

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