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Updated: 07/26/12!


Puppies are here! 3 girls & 8 boys were born July 13th!
Show & Pet quality pups still available!
CH Cimarron's Split Decision, CD,
CGC, OFAf,ca,el, Ataxia Carrier 
BIS BISS GRC Alpine's Ring of Fire,
OFAca,el, PennHip .61/.52 Ataxia Clear


Click on their photos above for more pictures & information.
This breeding brings together some of the most accomplished dogs in the breed today! Along with the conformation titles & rankings, this pedigree contains performance dogs and multiple generations of health testing. Both Phoenix and Patch are proved producers. We expect outstanding quality puppies capable of becoming incredible show dogs, obedience & agility dogs, and beautiful, healthy pets!

Pedigree for Phoenix X Patch Puppies:

BIS BISS GRC Alpine's Ring of Fire, OFAca,el, PennHip .61/.52


#2 AST 11'
BIS/BISS CH Benmar's Ring Master, OFAex,ca

#3 AST 01'
BIS, BISS CH Fraja EC Golden Boy

#2 AST 99', #1 AST 00'
CH Benmar's Macho of Roadhouse
Fraja EC Winner Take All
CH Benmar's Cruise Control AKC CH/UKC GR CH Garrett's Al E Gator, CD, SchH 1
CH Benmar's Hickory Knot
CH Alpine's Jamaica Me Crazy BISS CH Raging Moon's Iced Cappuccino, OFAg CH Fraja EC Thunder Cloud, OFAg
Ch. Raging Moon's Fire And Ice
CH Timberland's Pixie Stick CH Rangler's Red Hot Masterpiece
Timberland's Northern Light
Ch Cimarron's Split Decision, CD, OFAf,ca,el

Ch Shiloh's Sinjin Hawk, CD OFAca,el

#2 AST 04', 05'
CH Rangler High Plains Drifter, OFAf CH Savoy's Red Dawn Cascade
CH Rangler's Wild Belle
CH Bear Mountain Shiloh's Song CH Bear Mountain Flashpoint
CH Imperial's Bear Mountain Rising Sun
CH White Rock Pita Piper, OFAg CH White Rock Lone Star Dallas, OFAg,ca CH White Rock Gem Dandy, CDX, SchB, OFA
CH White Rock Rowdy Angel, OFA
CH White Rock Willynwood Pita, OFAex,ca Int'l CH Skram's White Rock Chasqui
CH Willynwood Dana

Huge thanks to Ed & Karen Thomason for allowing us to use Phoenix!

If you are interested in one of these outstanding puppies, please CONTACT US

All puppies are sold with a written contract. Pet quality puppies must be spayed or neutered. Puppies will be de-wormed, have their first shots, and their dewclaws removed. They will also be temperament tested before going to their new homes.