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The Battle for Heart and Soul


The New War Duke of the Mighty


     The Kingdom of the Mighty, land of the High King DeAndre of the Lake, a land wear kings and lords rule the land and wear magic and wizard still hold power. In this land of the High King, a new battle had began having defeated the Army of Darkness in Burgundy and having levied Tentegal Castle in Cromwell the Royal Council had assembled in the Capitol City of Avalon to review the result of the battle of Tentegal. While the Army of the Lake had defeated the combined armies of Orkney and Darkness, the price for these victories had been high with the loss of the War Duke to madness and the death of Tony,  Lord of the Orkneys, at the hands of the Austrian Prince, many of the ruling families had began to question the actions of the High Court of Justice and those of the High King himself. Queen Cynthia had come to the Council to demand repayment for damage to her land and to call for the removal of the High King from the Court of Justice. Event in Orkney had left may wonder as to the future of the Kingdom and what role the High King would play in the development of the future. With Queen Victoria still on the lose and the CIA not have a clue to were her new base was located and what her next action would be. The High King was meeting with the Queens of Aquitaine and Rome, and the Kings of Normandy and Prussia.

    "My Lord," said the Norman King, "Queen Cynthia has submitted her motion to me for the next session of the council, it will call for the removal of the High King from the administration of Justice and from the work of the High Court. She has also submitted a bill of Censure against the Lady Claudia and myself for are part in  this war against the Lady Jennifer."

    "Yes, Johannes, I have met with Cynthia after my return to the capital. Kelly as head of the Royal Court I ask you to leader a defense of the action of myself and of our friend Claudia and Joe. Lord Richard, I know that this divides your loyalty between your sister and your High King, so I will not ask for your vote, but  I must ask that at least you abstain from the vote of Censure," said the High King

    "Cousin, let it never be said that I do not support the High Throne of the Isle you may count on my vote in the council," said King Richard. 

    "Thank you Richard, I know how hard that choose is for you, I what you to know how much you support means to me. With the resignation of the War Duke Victor and with the treat of Queen Victoria I need to name a new War Duke in Victor place I had thought to appoint Johannes, but I would like to appoint a member of the Royal Family to that post and so I would like you to assume that office will Victor is in Glastonbury and I will name Benjamin to the Lord Lieutenantship. I hope you will accept this appointment even on a tempera bases," said the High King DeAndre

    "I would be honor to act as your second on the field of battle, but King Benjamin of Burgundy is not even a Battlechief. He would need be able to set in council with out that rank," said Richard.

    "While cousin with Victor leaving the council and the War Dukedom I can easily name your nephew to Battlechiefship and the Lord Lieutenantship at the next meeting of the Royal Council. Johannes will you and Claudia please draw up the warrant I will need to sign to make the appointments," said the High King.

                        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .

    The next day the Royal Council of King assembled in the great hall to debate the motion of censure laid before the council by Queen Cynthia of Cromwell, Princess Lisa of Lothian, envoy of the Queen of Lothian,  was now addressing the council. "My lords this motion of censure is a petty action by the Queen of Cromwell, how hope to weaken the High Throne. May I remind this council that it was Cornish troop that blocked the way of the Army of the Lake, that this action was order by the lady Cynthia, herself, that this action was in direct contrast to the order of the High Court of Justice. Said action was in violation of the Articles of the High Kingship and the Code of the High Council of King and the Bill of Rules. If this council is to vote a bill of Censure it should be against Cromwell not Aquitaine and Normandy how have acted in accordance to the laws of the realm." As the Princess said those words a great fan fare could be heard just inside the doors of the chamber. The High King had enter the room, having not been there to open the meeting he now enter the chamber.

    "Madam Lord President of the Council, I ask if the Princess of Lothian will  yield the  floor so I may address the noble council," said the High King DeAndre.

    "Lady Lisa, Princess of Lothian, will you yield the floor to the High King," said Kelly, Queen of Rome, Lord President of the Council.

    "Yes, I will yield to the High King, madam President," said Lisa.

    "Thank you, cousin, I wish to inform the Royal Council of Kings of the new appoints. As you may have know King Victor of Eire has taken a leave of abstains from the War Dukedom, I have approved his leave and according to the law of the realm I name King Richard of Prussia as War Duke and also I have named King Benjamin as Lord Lieutenant of the Realm. I would also like to inform the council of my consent to the elevation of High Princess Lorraine to the throne of Orkney in her mothers place. As the council may now laws of succession state that no king or queen may ascend to the throne of the kingdoms with the consent of the High Throne, Therefore I announce in council the consent of the succession. I will personal be attending the coronation in Orkney so that there will be no question of the claim to the throne by lady Lorraine. As this council will remember the High Court of Justice removed the Lord of the Orkney from the line of succession in it judgment. I will be taken with me the Lords President, Chancellor, and Lieutenant of the Realm and I will be taken the War Duke and the Chancellor with me. I will ask the Council to consent to the appointment of King Johannes of Normandy as Regent during my stay in Orkney," said the High King.

    "Madam President, this council has a bill of censure against the Norman King and the Lord Chancellor and he wish to name one Regent and have the other represent the throne to a member state. I asked this body to vote on the censure before it move to the request of the High King," said the Queen of Cromwell.

    "Yes, Lady Cromwell, we will call for a vote. A yea vote on the bill of censure will mean that Aquitaine's and Normandy's Queen and King will be removed from there offices of state. A nea vote will mean this council support the actions of the High Court of Justice and the High King of the Mighty. I call for the yea's and nea's," said the Queen of Rome.

    The vote of the council did not gone as the Queen of Cromwell had planned. Austria, Iceni, Eire, Castile, Leon and Cromwell voted yea on the censure motion. Rome, Tuscany, Burgundy, Prussia, Gore, Lothian, Bavaria, Savoy, Llyoness, the Church, and the Queen Mother voted nea on the censure. With a clear majority the council had side with the High King and the Aquitaine and Normandy. The president of the council, Queen Kelly announced the vote. "By a clear majority of 6-11-4 vote the motion of censure is refused, the appointments stand and the High King will go to Orkney. If there is no other business before this council, we stand adjourned," with that the Royal Council adjourned.