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The Battle for Heart and Soul


The Royal Court of Orkney and the Isle


        On the shores of the city of Rolla on the major island of the Orkney's, the Privy Councilors of Orkney had assembled at the dock as the state barge of the Lake arrived. The High Princess Lorraine had order the councilors to greet the High King and the members of the High Court that had come to watch her coronation as the new Queen of Orkney and that of her Prince Consort, Paul of Marianna of lower Gore. As the State barge land the Chancellor of Orkney was the first to greet the delegates.

    "Greetings, your majesties, in the name of the High Princess and the Royal family of Orkney I welcome you to the Isles. May I present the Lord Treasurer, the Lord Constable, the Lieutenant-General of the Army, and the Lord High Admiral of the Fleet," said the Chancellor.

    "I am most glad to meet you and even more happy to return to the islands of the Orkney. May I present the members of my Cabinet, the  Lord President of the Council, Queen Kelly of Rome, the War Duke of the Isle, King Richard of Prussia, the Lord Lieutenant, King Benjamin of Burgundy, the Lord Chancellor, Queen Claudia of Aquitaine, and the Chancellor, Lady Danielle.  I would like to present the member of the High  Council, Princess Ami of Llyoness, Prince Samuel of Castile and Leon, Queen Jessica of the Iceni, Queen Irma of Bavaria and the Chief Justice, the Prince Consort of Rome, Prince Richard," said the High King.

   "My liege, the Royal family what to greet you with in the palace. Then ask me to bring you and your court there. If you will follow me the coaches await us," said the Chancellor.

        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .


    In the Private chamber of the High Princess, the High King, War Duke and High Princess were talking of the events ahead. "My liege," said lady Lorraine, "I am most grateful to you for coming personal to the coronation, I know how thing most be in Avalon with my mother still on the lose and the motion of censure laid before the council by Cromwell. Thing must be in a uproar and hear you our on Rolla dealing with ceremonies of state."

    "Cousin, I real am overjoyed to be here for the ceremony, thing may be busy in Avalon, but I need to be here for this, there most not be any question over your succession or the future of the Kingdom of Orkney, which is the reason I have asked to speak to you in private. As you may remember the terms of the bill of Attainder against your brother Tony, the bill allowed for your succession and that of your male heirs followed by the children of Lord Tony, as I understand thing from Prince Paul, your doctors believe that you can not have children. I would like you to tell me if this is true," said the High King.

    "DeAndre, my husband is correct, the medical team I saw in the Glass Isle have told me that there was a very small chance of my having children," said Lorraine.

    "Well my dear, I would like the order of succession cleared up during the ceremony tomorrow. After I have read my proclamation regarding your asscendation to the throne, I will be issue an order in council naming Lord Marcus as the heir to the throne and accord him the title of High Prince  of Orkney. The term of the appointment will be that he shall hold that place till you bear an heir, there by allowing your child to claim the throne. I will also like you to bring Marcus to live here in the palace and for you rise him as your own. I thing your influence will make him the type of King we could all support!" said the High King.

    "Cousin, if this our your term I willingly agree. I will as my sister-in-law to allow me to rise the boy as my own here in the capital, but what our we to do for my niece Lilly, she to is Tony's child and heir to the throne," said Lorraine

    "Malian has ask the Lady of the Lake to Lilly to the Glass Isle, there to learn the art of healing. Lilly will be gone with me back with me to the capital," said the High King.

    .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .

    In the Chapel Royal of Orkney the complete nobility of the Orkney had come out to great the coronation of a new Queen. Outside the chapel the public line the rode, troops line the walk up to the steps of the palace, and the Archbishop of Rolla stood at the landing. In the first coach come the state jewels, including the crown of St. Anna, the Sword of Orkney, the Scepter of the Isle, the ring of the realm, the shield of peace and the orb of majesty. Next, came the delegation of the kingdoms, representing Lothian was High Prince Steven and Princess Lisa; representing Gore was the Princesses Melissa and Yolanda; representing Eire was the Prince Regent  Clark; representing Cromwell was the High Prince David and the Princess Nina; representing Savoy was the High Princess Maria Luisa. Next came the High Councilors and Cabinet members; Lord President, Queen Kelly of Rome; Lord Chancellor, Queen Claudia of Aquitaine; the  War Duke of the Mighty, King Richard of Prussia, Lord Lieutenant, King Benjamin of Burgundy; the Chancellor, lady Danielle; the Sovereignty Princess Ami of Llyoness, High Councilor;  Prince Samuel of Castile and Leon, High Councilor; Queen Irma of Bavaria, High Councilor; Queen Jessica of the Iceni, High Councilor. Next came the Augustan Jose of Glastonbury, High Priest of the Light; and the Merlin of the Isle, Lord Philip; the Lady of Avalon, Sarah, Deputy to the Lady of the Lake; the Chief Justice of the Isle, Prince Consort Richard of Rome; the Chancellor of Orkney, the Lord Treasurer, the Lieutenant-General of the Army, Lord High Admiral of the Fleet. Next came the Royal Family of Orkney, the High King DeAndre, dressed in the gold robes of state and the coronet of rank and caring two gold box, followed by the Princesses Francine, Christine, and  Natalie, followed by the Prince Paul and the Lord Marcus how wanted at the  door of the royal coach as the High Princess Lorraine exited, she was dressed in the white robes of nobility and wore the coronet of the High Princeship. As the Royal Court made it way to it seat in the chapel the High King, Prince Paul, Lord Marcus, and High Princess Lorraine waited in the anteroom of the chapel to hear the signal that said to enter the chapel. The High King was seated on one of the chairs and was talking to those present.

    "Marcus, Lorraine, it so nice to have this time to speak of the last points of the ceremony. I would not like to have to make this announcement publicly with out you know what I will say. Paul and I have review the statement I will read to those in the hall. We have agreed to the word and the very spirit of what most be said. As I and Lorraine have already spoke on this matter there is only Marcus that most understand why I have have asked him to come in. As we all know with by this coronation the Throne of Orkney will have a new Queen but it will be left without a High Prince. Today when I stand to herald the elevation of Lorraine to the throne I will formal announce that you, Marcus, will be High Prince of Orkney and Heir Presumptive to the Throne, so long as Paul and Lorraine bear no heir of there own. As we may remember when Tony was censured by the High Court, I gave my word that if he renounced the throne I would allow his son to be heir after Lorraine and her heirs. That is the act I will complete today. I ask you Marcus is this some you would like to do with your life. Should you chose to step aside I could name one of your aunts to your place. What do you say, my child," said the High King 

    The color in Marcus' face gone white, he had thought he would be removed from the isle. His grandmother had always said that the High King would never live up to the terms of the censure of his father and so with her removal he had believed that the his cousin would ask him to formal renounce his claim to the throne. This news of the formal offer of the High Princeship was not some he had believed would happen. This was something he had want all his life. 

    "My liege, I would be honored to be the Aunt Lorraine's High Prince, if she will have me," said Marcus.

    Lorraine spoke," Marcus, I have spoke with the High King about his before and have agreed to the terms he has set out today and I have also agreed to rise you here in Rolla as my very own heir. If this is something you truly wish to take on I will support you all I can."

    The High King then walk over to the table in the room were he had left the two gold box that he had in the coach. " I would like to show you my surprise as you know the Torce of the Kingship was take by Lady Victoria after the defeat of the Army of Darkness and after the censure the silver torce of Orkney was tarnished so today during the ceremony I will give each of you the torce of your office," he said. In the box were copies of the original torces of gold and silver of the ruler and High Prince of the Orkney. "As you both know these is the final symbol of Kingship i this land and so I have had this made for both of you to be place on you has the final act of the ceremony.

    .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .

    The High King marches to the front of the Chapel Royal and take his seat on the dais. After him come the High Prince's to be Lord Marcus and the Prince Consort to be Prince Paul. At long last the High Princess Lorraine entered the great doors of the chapel. The herald announce, " All rise for the Queen of the Orkney and the Isle." Then all those present save the High King rose to there feet and the Queen walked to her place in the chapel.

    As those assembly toke there seats, the Archbishop spoke to those present. "Lords and Ladies, Kings and Queens of the Mighty, my lord the High King; we have come together to formal confer on our lady Lorraine the title of Queen of these Isles as according to the law of the land. I know ask you lady Lorraine of Orkney do you willing take up the mantel and office of Queen of Orkney and the Isles, Will you serve the people of this land to the best of your skill, will pledge faith to your liege, lord, the High King of the Isle of the Mighty, do you swear to do this thing freely of of your own free will," he said.

   " I, Lorraine of Orkney, once High Princess of the Orkney, do swear to all this as the rightful Queen of Orkney, all this I will do," she said.

   The Augustan rose and walked over to her side bearing the Sword of Mercy. "By this sword of mercy do you child of dust swear to deal justicly with all your subject, to rule fairly and with mercy and to defend the people in your charge from all enemies foreign and domestic. To all this I call on you to swear!" he said.

    "To all this I happily swear," she said.

    Next the officer of the realm walk each and present here will a piece of the crown jewels. The Chancellor of Orkney carried the ring of the realm, which bore the crest of Orkney and was used as the great seal of the realm. "My Queen bear this ring in symbol that as you become ruler of this land you join your life to the land and it people," he said. "I the Queen take this ring as a symbol of my union to this Isle," she said. Next the Lord Treasurer walk to the queen bearing the Orb of Majesty. "My lady, bear this gold orb in symbol that you rule over the land and that you rule in the name of the  Light of the world," he said. "I take this orb in token that I rule in the name of the Light of the world," she said. Next came the Lord High Admiral with the Scepter of the Isle. "My Queen take this Scepter as a symbol of your power to rule with it you hold the wand of Orkney the magical weapon of this land and your key to the Heart of the Isle," he said. "I bear this scepter as the visual symbol of my authority to rule and as the greatest weapon of magic in this land," she said. Now it was the Lieutenant-General how walked up next, bear the Sword of Orkney. "My Sovereignty lady, I present to you the sword of Orkney yield this symbol in defense of all our people!" he said. "I will bear this sword as the a promise to defend and protect all the people of the Orkney," she said. Last came the Chief Justice of the Mighty with the crown of St. Anna, this crown had first been worn by the legendary Queen of Orkney, Morgain the Great, know it would be worn by a new queen. "Lady Lorraine, by this symbol you our the anointed Queen of Orkney and the Isles and Guardian of the Wand of Orkney the magic weapon of your land, with this crown on your head I proclaim you Queen, may any how wish to challenge your right to rule come forth and call the challenge of Kings," he said as he place the crown on her head.

    Now it was the High King who rose and boring a gold box that held the torce of Kingship. "Arise Queen Lorraine of Orkney," said the High King. As the queen rose, the High King withdraw the torce and raised it high. "Behold children of earth and dust the golden torce of kingship, by this symbol will you own faith to your queen and by this symbol will she hold faith with you. Wear this Lorraine of Orkney, rightful Queen of all this lands. I, DeAndre of the Lake, High King of the Isle of the Mighty, Pendragon of the People, herald you the Queen of Orkney and the Isles, according to the law of succession and I do know name Lord Marcus of the Orkney to be swear-in as High Prince and Heir Presumptive to the Throne of Orkney. Come forth Marcus and be heralded by your lady queen," he said as Marcus walked forward and bent the knee in submission to the queen.

    The Queen rose from her throne and bearing the torce of silver that the High King had given her, she place it in hers and Marcus' hands and said, "By this torce of silver, I, Queen  Lorraine of Orkney and the Isles proclaim you High Prince and Heir to this Kingdom. I ask you to repeat after me. I, swear before these witness to serve faithfully my lady and queen and to be her most humble and loyal subject. I swear never to raise arms against her or her heirs nor against the High King, our Overlord. I swear by this most ancient symbol that I will serve the Orkney as High Prince, all my Life. All this I swear by ash and by oak," she said.

    Marcus, hold the torce in both hand repeated the word of the queen. "I, Marcus, High Prince of Orkney swear before these witness to serve faithfully my lady and queen and to be her most humble and loyal subject. I swear never to raise arms against her or her heirs nor against the High King, our Overlord. I swear by this most ancient symbol that I will serve the Orkney as High Prince, all my Life. All this I swear by ash and by oak," he said with that said the queen placed the torce around his nick and raised his hand with her and called out, "People of Orkney, behold your High Prince and my heir." The people in the chapel yield, "Hail the Queen and the High Prince," over and over again was the cheer raised by all.

    As the cheer died down the High King came forward with the Prince Paul. "Loyal People of Orkney, I present own to you a man to whom I hold great truth and how hold the heart of your new queen. According to the traditions of our land, the husband of a reigning queen is only given the title of Prince Consort. I have consulted with the Merlin and the Lady of Avalon as well as the member of the High Court of Justice and can  find no law that make this so. As all title our in the power of the High King to grant, I DeAndre of the Lake proclaim Prince Paul of Marianna, King Consort of Orkney and the equal partner in the rule of this realm with the Queen. Hail Queen Lorraine and King Paul of Orkney, Long may then reign!" he said. The crowd join the in the High King cheer and Paul and Lorraine kiss and the yell grow higher

    .        .        .        .        .        .            .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .       

    At the dock of Rolla the High King and party bored there barge. The High King and Queen Lorraine talked to one side. "I am must grateful for your gift cousin. I had not thought to ask you if this could be done, how was it that you knew I so what Paul to be king, she said.

    "My dear, I gave Paul that title for all the help he gave my government during the Air and Darkness trouble. He had been the leak in your mother inner circle that allowed us to know what was gone own. I could do nothing less than make him a King and as you were his wife I though it was the right chose," he said.

    "While what ever your reason I thank you. Were will  you gone now, back to Avalon?" she said.

    "No, as you may have hear I was invited to the Inauguration of the new Chief of State of Devan. As you know then were our greats supporters in the battle of Tentegal. Chief Valdermont lost that election because of his open support for me. I felt I should be at his side in this last time. The Chief-elect Mr. Herrera has spoken openly of his heat for our system of government and call for an end to the rule of King. I am gone to see what up with him. Whether this is all smoke and mirrors or if we now have a new enemy," said the High King.

    "Good sailing and may the light be with you my High King," said the Queen.