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The Battle for Heart and Soul


The Republic of  Devan


        In the Republic of Devan were the idea of democratic government had over taken the ideals of monarchy, their had been a kingdom of Devan on the eastern side of the Mighty there an old childless king set on the throne, he was King William IV, and before his death he had resigned his Hereditary office. Know the people of Devan were ruled by a republic and there leader was now a Chief of State. In the last elections in the republic Anthony Herrera had been elected  Chief of State of Devan and the High King of the Mighty now face a Devan that felt that the days of High King were over and that the Isle of the Mighty should come over to there way of thinking. In the last election which happen during the Battle of Tentegal the former Chief had openly support the High King, will Herrera had called for the end of the monarchy and called them left over of a bygone age. The election of Herrera and the result of the battle of Tentegal had lead the High King to come personal to Devan for the Inauguration of the new Chief of State. It was his hope that by personal visiting Devan he could gain some support for his cause.

    In the Palace of Devan the exiting Chief of State, Ivan Valdermont, was greeting the High King, DeAndre, and member of his party. "Your majesty, I welcome you to Devan, I was overjoyed to hear you were personal coming to this event. I would like to extent my regrets regarding your cousin, lord Victor. My daughter, told me all about Victor condition, she just left to see him at the Abby of Glastonbury. I hope he will recover soon. As for my daughter, will she chosen not to be here when I leave office," he said.

    "Chief Valdermont, I thank you for your welcome and for wish regarding my family, I to wish thing had been different between Millicent and Victor, he could do with the care of a good wife and Eire could use a Queen and some heirs. I was also very sad to learn of the effect my problems with Queen Victoria cussed you in regards to your election. I had hope you would remain Chief of State to help use all get over this matter, now I am face with a new Chief how has great dislike for me and my kind. What kind of man is this Herrera person, Ivan," said the High King

    "Well, DeAndre, Tony was once a member of my cabinet till this hole Tentegal matter and had openly support my policy regard the affairs of the Kingdoms. The Week of you High Court meeting he change sides and resigned from the cabinet and call for a new election. He said that the Republic could not be lead by a man how wished to have his grandchildren wear Coronets. Tony is a good man and will do a great job with running the country, he has already asked me to serve in the new administration, I am to be the Ambassador to the Mighty, I will be leave just after the ceremony the Legislative Council confirmed my appointment last week, well you were at the coronation  in Orkney," he said.

    "So this is the price you have paid for support me, exile from your own country. Herrera must dislike me very much to send you to Avalon, while we will just have to make your stain grand. After the ceremony and the ball I will be gone to Glastonbury to check on Victor and push his marriage. I will also be gone to seen my father, the Augustine he has sent word that there is a problem with the Heart of the Isle. If you like I can have you come with the Cabinet back to Avalon then can begin plan you presentation to the court," he said.

    "Yes, that a grand idea I can be ready to leave at once, I will just have my things moved to your majesties ship this evening, I can leave with you on the morning tide." he said.

    "Good, Lady Kelly has been ask me to invite you to Avalon to help her with some of the legal matters her and Richard have been working on for the next general session of the council and the Queen Mother would like to see your wife again. Then have always gotten along so well," he said.

    "While we best join the others in the palazzo, Chief Herrera may thing that we our not happy to witness this event," the High King said smiling.

.        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .

    In the palace, the High King and his court walked to the entrance of the hall and waited to be announced, as the Steward of the household spoke, all those present turn and looked up to see the court enter the hall. "Presenting his Majesty, DeAndre, High King of the Isle of the Mighty, Pendragon of the People; Her Majesty, Lady Claudia, Queen of Aquitaine, Lord Chancellor of the Realm, High Councilor; Her Majesty, Kelly, Queen of Rome, Lord President of the Council, Wise Councilor of the Realm, Battlechief of War; His Majesty, Richard, King of Prussia, War Duke of the Mighty, High Councilor, Battlechief; His Majesty, Benjamin, King of Burgundy, Lord Lieutenant, Battlechief, High Councilor; Her Majesty, Jessica, Queen of the Iceni, High Councilor; Her Majesty, Irma, Queen of Bavaria, High Councilor; Her Highness, Ami, Princess of Llyoness, High Councilor; His Highness, Samuel, Prince of Castile & Leon, High Councilor," he said. The High King and his sister, Queen Kelly walked to were the Chief of State Anthony Herrera was talking to visiting heads of state.

    "Mr. Herrera," said the High King, " I greet you in the name of the people of the Mighty." "Oh, yes," said the Chief of State, "The royal dictator and his sister the Amazon Princess, how very nice of you and your barbarians to come to  Devan. Have you come to raise your claim to the Throne of Devan to add to your collection of titles and offices or have you just come to watch your last supporter removed from office, Oh, mighty King of the Isle."

    "By what right do you little man insulate the High King, If my brother were to lay claim to your empty throne we would not come here unarmed, you fool of a man. And as for Barbarians, I see know other then you and your wife," said Kelly of Rome.

    "That was uncalled for Kelly dear, Chief Herrera has every right to say what he like in his own palace, even if this place was once the home of our ancestors. Chief Herrera, I have come to Devan at your invitation, if you did not wish for me to come you should not have asked me to come. As for what I am doing here I have come to bear witness that the allies of the Isle of the Mighty have a new leader and to see what kin of man I have for Ally," said the High King.

    "Spoken like a true royal, shall I bend the knee to you oh mighty King or like your cousin will you cut it off so all may see your glory. Look my fellow citizens of Devan the high and mighty King of the Isle, come to use to remind us of his crimes against his own blood. Lord DeAndre the murder of Tentegal," Chief Herrera and then a slap sound was made as the Jessica slapped his face.

    "How do you dear to call the High King a murder, the man hurt in the attack at Tentegal was my brother, King Victor of Eire. DeAndre did noting  but saved the life Lady Jennifer, whom Victor was about to kill will under  dark magic. Chief of Devan you may be but that doesn't give you the right to speak so to the High King, The Pendragon of the Mighty. As Queen of the Iceni, I personal will leader the charge against you if ever you speak so to the High King," said Queen Jessica 

    "Oh, know the Dictator need to be defend by his womenfolk. What man is he that can not control is sister and niece. I would not follow any man how is ruled by his woman," said Chief Herrera

    "Chief Herrera, I will not have you speaking so to my family or my friends if you can't keep a civil tongue we have nothing to talk about," said the High King and with that he and his court left the Palace of Devan to the Royal Barge.