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Sandi Wright gets great reviews wherever she teaches. She has taken her "road show" from Coast to Coast as well as to Canada, The Netherlands, Germany and Sweden!
She lives in the center of America (Saint Louis) near an international airport where air fares are affordable and travel is convenient to your schedule.
Contemporary, honest and earthy, Sandi has shared her 31-year love of barbershop harmony with members of Sweet Adelines International, SPEBSQSA, BinG! and Harmony Inc.
She has a rare gift and ability to talk to the oldest member and the youngest member -- the brand new member, as well as the most seasoned member. Her presentations are interesting, different and full of audio-visuals, audience participation and (yes, even) singing!
And no matter how hard the schedule or how long the day, she is never "too good" to sing tags with the general membership until 3 a.m.!
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Class Menu
General Membership Classes
The Art Of Woodshedding 45 Minutes
An introduction to ear singing. Lots of participation from the entire group. Participants learn when to move and what chords ring. Good ice breaker or Friday night prelude. No audio visual or handouts necessary. Just bring your ears!

Physical Warm-ups 10 Minutes
A short overview of endorphins, stretching and its importance to a good performance. Cassette tape player requested. (warm-ups are done to music).

Vocal Skills Warm-ups 15 Minutes
A quick vocal drill, stressing the importance of vocal stretches. Demonstrations and emphasis on the open throat and “inside smile.” Besides that, it's FUN! Cassette player requested.

Right Brain/Left Brain 45 Minutes
A real left brain look at how to get in touch with the right brain. Exercises in creative visualization and hints to help you “live” the music so that the audience gets the clear message of the songs. Overhead projector requested. Handout available.

Reading Between The Lines 45 Minutes
A look at subtexting - taking a song and feeling, hearing, seeing, tasting and smelling what it’s all about. A good follow-up class to Right Brain/Left Brain with lots of audience participation. Overhead projector requested.

Attitude Is Everything! 45 Minutes
Years of public speaking training has provided a few tricks of the trade. How to stand, what to do with your hands, and what your body really says can make a difference in what an audience thinks of your performance. By understanding what works, you can fool any audience into thinking you are comfortable and in control. Overhead projector and cassette tape needed. Video tape (VHS) player requested. Handout and class participation.

Making Contact With Your Audience . . . Is Anybody Out There? 45 Minutes
Showmanship is so much more than hair and make-up. A look at poise, command and audience rapport. A good combination class with “What is attitude?" Puts the emphasis on the audience while looking confident and taking command of the stage. Overhead projector requested. Video tape (VHS) player if available.

Shades Of Vocal Color 45 Minutes
Texture ~ adding depth or lightness to the voice can create the many moods a singer needs to effectively see and feel the music. This class uses taped demonstrations of different familiar singers and where each places her voice to be most effective. Class participation. Cassette tape player requested. Handout available.

Be A “Cone” Head! 45 Minutes
An audio trip into the world of choral vs. modern vs. barbershop. Listening to the different styles of music and what makes each identifiable by the “shape” of its sound, balance, volume level and color of each part. Creating the “ring” by the use of a volunteer chorus. Audience participation. Cassette tape player needed. Overhead projector needed. Handout available.

Boffo! Sell It Sister! 45 Minutes
Yes, you can act! A look at character development and crawling inside your character. How to create thespian illusions and explore the world of make believe. This class works best when used with a pre-selected piece of music to be performed by the whole group. Advanced class

Bodies Talk ... Non-Verbally 45 Minutes
When we're sad, afraid, in love, angry, etc., we exhibit non-verbal body language that says more than words could ever say. In this class, participants will learn - and see - what various feelings look like, and how this non-verbal communication can enhance the music we sing. An overhead projector and a video tape (VHS) player is required for this class. Handouts and class participation.

Costumes On A Budget 45 Minutes
Whether it's a contest or a local performance, costumes will cover all the arms and legs without costing one! What are the requirements of a costume? Why do we dress alike? What can we do to please everyone? Request a size 10 "model" and an overhead projector

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