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Sasha's Biography

Sasha was born on October 26, 1984 in Westwood, California. When she was five years old, she started gymnastics. When she was 7, her mom decided to take her out of gymnastics, because she thought it was too dangerous. It was her friend, Allison Larson who persuaded her to start skating.

For the first two years, she was only skating in group lessons once or twice a week. She only started skating competitively once she turned ten, because she was going into Juvenile. She landed the axel when she was 9, and double toe and sal when she was 10 and a half. She learned the rest of her doubles quickly, in the summer before her 11th birthday, except double axel, which she learned late in her Novice year.

In the summer of 1998, Sasha was chosen to represent the US at the North American Challenge Skate, in San Jose.

Sasha lists her goals as getting her triple loop consistent and learning the triple flip and lutz.