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A History of Clan Comyn

Events that might particularly interest members of our clan.


 February 14th - 3:00, mtg. Akron Library. Glen Kirkwood will present: "A Pictorial Journey Around Scotland.”

March 13th - 3:00 mtg. Akron Library - Marnie Sweet will present the program 'Six Forgotten Scottish Women Remembered' in honor of National Women's History month.

 April 10th - Tartan Day Dinner

May 1st Meeting

May 7th – Celtic Beltane Festival

June 12th – Meeting

July – Annual Picnic

 Scottish Gaelic and Singing -  If you are interested in learning,  contact Frances Acar at:  Frances is an excellent and patient instructor. She teaches classes via Skype and digital sound files which can be sent via e-mail directly to your home computer. 

Highland Dance - If you know someone interested in learning the art of Highland Dancing, you can call Christie Walsh.  Christie is a certified B.A.T.D. Dance instructor and heads the Tigh na Creige highland dance group.   All classes are taught at the Northwest Family Recreation Center1730 Shatto Ave, AkronOH 44313.  For more information on classes call 330-375-2849 or email Christie Walsh at For more information call Christie at:  330-867-1030 or (330)612-1845.

 Radio Broadcast - Tune in at 6:06 pm every Sunday to "Sounds of Britain and Ireland" on WCPN, 90.3 FM, featuring Joe Nicholls and Kevin McGinty, two very charming gentlemen. They do a grand job of keeping folks informed about all area Celtic events, including, of course, those within the Scottish Community.  One HUGE THANK YOU to both of them for all their help with our Scottish Events.  

Highland Kilt Company – Ran across this recently. They have a kilt package for $89 that includes a sporran.  Too late for Burns Dinners, but not too late for all the Scottish Events and games this year.  Might be really excellent for a Tartan Day Dinner in April or a Celtic Beltane Festival in May? For more information, contact:


*Available copies from Jim Frost include shipping and handling at this price - $19.00
Maolcolm's charmed life and a penchant for story-telling wouldn't have come as a surprise to the monks of Kilkillian Priory in Ireland where he was raised as a lad.  They would never find out, however for they lay dead, slaughtered by those who lusted for the presumed wealth of the monasteries of the sixteenth century and others, who were caught in the frenzy of reducing to mere brick and mortar a church they thought had strayed.
Maolcolm, the son of a midwife and blacksmith, two professions with exceptional powers, would carry on their legacy under the guise of a penitent banished from the priory in order to do penance in Scotland just as an ancient predecessor had done. Maolcolm follows pilgrim tracks across midland Scotland oblivious to the turmoil going on around him, including of all things, the Protestant Reformation.  As he travels, he encounters endless perplexing individuals, some reasonable, some saintly and some downright daffy.  His adventures enchant endless audiences in ancient alehouses or wherever he is able to assume his place beside the hearth.
There's a seriousness to Maolcolm's quest to accomplish the tasks that the monks of Kilkillian want him to accomplish, but alas, forces beyond his control twist his mission within a mix of sometimes tragic, sometimes triumphant, but always colorful circumstances.  A fatal error in judgment at the end of his journey was by design as we come to find out.
It wasn't his passing that was so disturbing, it was the demise of oral traditions and old belief systems that otherwise would be transmitted naturally to future generations.  Imperative was the need to find an ear to hear his story and possibly save the wealth of traditions for another millennium.  All is told in the old alehouse on the west coast of Scotland. 
Paperback     386 pages

Books are available only through the author Jim Frost at:
or call:  330-882-0342. 
Appeal  The Scottish and Irish among us
             Those who love fantasy
             Those who have a love of history
Others who have found as I did that 16th century Scotland is an endless source of movie plots.


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