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A History of Clan Comyn

Have a question?  Searching for a relative?  This is your spot.

I would love to find history from Joseph Comyns born about 1779 in Ireland. He died, 11 Sept 1840 in Galway, Ireland. He was married to Sarah Ewing. i believe She was also born in Ireland in about 1781.
Joseph's son, Joseph Robert Comyns, was also born in Ireland. He married Maria Jane Keville in Ireland. He was born about 1812.
My great grandfather, Louis Sylvester Comyns, came from England in 1893 with his mother, Elizabeth Bickerdike Comyns and several siblings. His dad, Jonathan Carr Comyns, b. 1839, died in 1888 in Cumbria, Cumberland, UK. His family immigrated to Ohio.
I know from this point forward, but would love any other info or stories or pictures that anyone knows or may have. I'm on as pcomyns. My tree is open for public view.
Pamela Comyns Koehler

Ann McKenna is searching for relatives of the following:
Isabella Cumming circa 1818.
Andrew Cumming, circa 1856, Plantation supervisor in Virginia.  Believed to have died of heat stroke.
David Cumming, circa 1850, blacksmith.
Donald Cumming, Duluth Minnesota.  School teacher?
Kenneth Cumming, circa 1863  
If you can help, please contact her at:

When you say you are searching for an Isabella Cumming, are you looking for someone in the USA or the UK?
The name is a common one in and near the Black Isle.  It might be found in parish records near Avoch, Portmahamock or Balintore.  I have relatives in that area, and a cousin in Stornaway (Lewis)  who keeps up with family information on the Cumming & Skinner families.  But only in Scotland, not in the USA.  Our family hasn't been in this country for that many years.
I was unable to reach your email address, but if you care to contact me, my email address is:

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