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A History of Clan Comyn

Please contact directly if you feel this is something you could help support.


The Castle Roy Trust is dedicated to preserving the 'oldest masonry fortification' in Scotland. It was in the original Comyn 'fiefdom' until they fell foul of the 'Bruces.’ The Trust had 'battled' Historic Scotland for some 14 years, before they eventually gave us their full support. In that time we raised some 25,000 to carry out various emergency repairs and produce a schedule for complete repairs.

With Historic Scotland's blessing we have now raised 320,000 in the last 2 years. This will put us well on the way to completing the bulk of the repairs. However we still need to raise around 100,000. There are other funding agencies we can turn to but the Trust has committed itself to raise 50,000 in the next 2 years to support the Governments match funding initiatives.

To raise this sum we have decided to sell square yards of the Castle. This is not a new idea but almost unique in its concept in a number of ways. There are many who sell a square inch, others who sell a square foot, but we believe that a square yard id the smallest that can be identified and stood upon when you can really say this part of my Heritage belongs to me.

The other important factor is that the money does not go in to some landowners pocket, but to the Trust for the restoration and then the Upkeep of the Castle. Of course postage, packaging certificates the model castle all have to be paid for but all the rest goes towards Castle Roy.

Please have a look at our Square Yard Sale on line, Alas! there are glitches and we are really too late this year to get it out for Christmas 2012. We‘re also having trouble with an on-line discount scheme for Societies who might want to buy 'in bulk.' For the time being it is something that will have to be done as a refund scheme.

Richard Eccles

Chairman Castle Roy (Charitable) Trust

Abernethy Bunkhouses in the Cairngorms,

Croftbank, Nethy Bridge PH25 3DS

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