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Luyster Girls Triumph in Several Highland Dance Competitions
Sydney Luyster is the champion of the 'S.E. Region' 14 and under 16 class.
Kelsey Luyster is 2nd runner up of the 'S.E. Region' 12 and under 14 class.
Paige Luyster is an intermediate dance in the S.E. Region and she continues
to take the trophy in her events in the 12 and under 14 class.
Paige also took the trophy for her class at Ohio Scottish Games.
Both Sydney and Kelsey placed in their events, losing to the Canadian dancers. (Too bad.)  Sydney says it's an honor just to have your number called when you dance in the Ohio competitions. Even Jean Stein the N.E Regional Champion in Sydney's age bracket and the 2009 Interregional Champion, finished 3rd in the Ohio Scottish this year.
Nevertheless, we are all proud of the Luyster girls and their accomplishments.
Congratulations to Liz Belvin on her recent promotion at PPG Industries and her recent election to Treasurer of the Scottish American Society.
The Barrington Family is now living at 11273 Trenton Rd., Uniontown, Ohio  44685.  Amy is doing specialized in home day care.  Jayson is still working for BASF.  Telephone:  330-280-6091.

The Month in Review

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