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A History of Clan Comyn

General Information about Clan Cumming

The name Cumming (or Comyn) is of Norman origin, derived from Comines near Lisle on the French/Belgian border.  Robert de Comyn came to England with William the Conquerer in 1066 and was given lands in Northumberland.  His grandson was later given land in Roxburghshire by King David I.  His nephew, Richard de Comyn, married a grandaughter of King Duncan I.  Through careful alliances and beneficial marriages, the Comyn held three Earldoms in Scotland by the 13th century:  Monteith, Mentieth, Atholl, and Buchan.
The Cummings (as the name came to be spelled) of Altyre were eventually recognized as the chiefly line.  Alexander of Altyre was created a Baronet in 1802. 
BRANCHES:  Cumming of Altyre, Cumming of Inverallochy
ARMS:  Quarterly, 1st & 4th, Azure, three garbs Of (Cumming), 2nd & 3rd, Argent, three bends Sable, each charged with as many roses of the field (Penrose).  Overall, in an escutcheon Argent, is placed the Arms, Crest, Motto, and Supporters of Gordon of Gordonston.
BADGE:  A lion rampant Or, in his dexter paw a dagger Proper.
MOTTO:  Courage
TARTANS:  Cumming, Comyn, Cummin, Buchan, in variations.

Comyn Castles

Balvenie Castle, Blair Castle, Blervie Castle, Cadzow Castle, Cairnbulg Castle, Castle of King Edward, Castle Roy, Craig Castle, Delgatie Castle, Ellon Castle, Gordonstoun, Inverallochy Castle, Inverlochy Castle, Lochindorb Castle, Mains Castle (Lanarkshire and Glasgow), Old Slains Castle, Rait Castle, Rowallan Castle, Ruthven Barracks and Urquhart Castle.

Refer to "History of Clan Cumming" for more detailed information. 

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