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Rocky Mountain Convener:  Kelly Cummins


If you haven't visited us yet, welcome to the Rocky Mountain Region Chapter of Clan Cumming. We carry on the heritage and history of the great Clan Cumming, and its diaspora found around the world (Scotland, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, South America, Austria, Australia, Eastern Europe, and America just to name a few of countries). Come see us at any of our events; festivals, informal, formal events. Follow us on the Rocky Mountain Chapter 0f Clan Cumming on the American Clan Cumming Association website.  You are invited to join our group, and our camaraderie. Again, welcome to your history. Alba gu brath

Ceud Mile Fáilte
(100,000 Welcomes)

Recent and Upcoming Events


Rocky Mountain 2018 Scottish Events

Clan Cumming

Rocky Mountain Chapter

American Clan Cumming Association



2018 Rocky Mountain Scottish Irish Festivals

3/17 **St Patricks Day Parade, Denver CO
3/17 Lucky Joes St Patricks Day Parade, Fort Collins CO
3/17 St Patricks Day Parade, Salt Lake City UT
4/14-15 **Colorado Tartan Day, Longmont CO

5/26-27 Scotts Bluff Celtic Gathering, Scotts Bluff Nebraska

6/ 8-9 Cheyenne Celtic Festival, Cheyenne WY

6/8-10 Utah Scottish Fest & Highland Games, Salt Lake City UT

6/15-17 **Pikes Peak Celtic Festival, Colorado Springs CO

7/13-14 Colorado Irish Festival, Denver CO

7/13-14 Payson Scottish Festival, Payson Utah

7/21-22 **Elizabeth Celtic Festival, Elizabeth CO

8/2018 **Colorado Scottish Highland Games Festival, Edgewater CO

9/6-9 **Longs Peak Scottish Irish Festival, Estes Park CO

9/2018 **Celtic Fest, Longmont CO

11/2-4 Scots on the Rocks Festival, Moab UT

** You can find us there.

Click here for link to the Pikes Peak Celtic Festival.

Rocky Mountain Clan Cumming

Ceud Mile` Fa'ilte! (a hundred thousand greetings) I dinna ken where to start (I don't know where to start). Ciamar a tha thu? (Key-mara ha oo?-How are you?)



Facail bho An Cuimean (Words from The Cumming



O'HAGGIS; Prince o' the Puddin' Race!

Ye'd be ashamed tae show yer face,

For whit they've done tae Rabbie's meal,

Wak mak ye feel nae sae weel.


Proud Haggis, once sewn in skin;

Noo pushed and prodded intae a tin.

And even worse, in fact it's drastic;

They're wrapping it up, noo in plastic!


The lowly tattie; Oh, whit a shame;

In powdered form it's no the same.

And turnip tae; it's dehydrated.

Jist add watter-it's ower-rated!


Thank goodness whisky's no been


Or poor Rabbie, tae Russia wid hae emigrated!


By Annie "Nancy" Beatson


Glasgow, Scotland

Copyright 1974, 2011


Selkirk Grace

  Some hae meat and canna eat, And some wad eat that want it; But we hae meat, and we can eat, Sae let the Lord be thankit. Robert Burns


Visit the St.Andrews Society of Colorado site at;

Modern Clan Cumming Tartan

Click here for Scotweb:

Or try Mar-C, a local Denver kilt maker at;

 Please respond to me via email if you are interested in these future events.

Kelly Cummins

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