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A History of Clan Comyn

Chief of Clan Comyn - Coat of Arms

Ceud Mile Fáilte
(100,000 Welcomes)
Welcome to our web site...

Chief: Sir Alastair Cumming, Baronet of Altyre

About Us

Organized in March of 1999, the Association is comprised of American individuals of descent from the Clan Cumming, including the varying spellings of the name:  Commings, Cummings, Cumyn, Comyn, Cumin, Cummin, etc.

It also includes those individuals who are named in the septs including:  Buchan, Cheyne, Chiene, Common, Commons, Cummin, Cummings, Cumyn, Farquharson, Landrum, Lendrum, MacNiven, Niven, Russell, Skinner, Tindell, Tyndale.

 We also welcome any who have an interest in the history of the Clan.

We are a family oriented organization.  Our meetings are in our homes and our activities tend to center around those that can involve our family members.

We will try to keep our members up to date on our activities through this web site, but if you have any questions you may contact either of the following:

Margaret Frost - Tel.: 330-903-4573

Marlene Luyster - Tel.:  330-966-0025


Note:  Please do not click on site add-ons.  We did not authorize any that appear and we have been informed that they are not trustworthy.