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Best Beginnings

Event Organizer


[An informal reception for 30-50 people* at your location.]

A wedding package for $995 would include:

  • Minister
  • Flowers for the bride and groom
  • Punch, coffee, sweet table reception
  • Wedding cake
  • Disposable table service for 50.
  • Server(s)

*Smaller receptions can also be arranged on an "A La Carte" basis. You choose the arrangements and refreshments you wish from the items listed above and a cost estimate will be provided.

Receptions for those renewing their vows, celebrating special anniversaries, or commitment ceremonies will also be arranged for approximately the same fees.


We can arrange a party at your home or other venue that will delight your child and his or her friends. Since we would take the child's age, interests, and your budget into consideration, we cannot deal in specifics, but we are happy to offer this service.


Amy Barrington is a non-certified, but qualified event coordinator and organizer.  She is skilled in planning informal events for childen and adults.  As a specialist in early childhood education, she has run a day care center for more than ten years.  She can easily assist in setting up a party for children.

As a mother and grandmother, she has assisted her own family members and many friends and neighbors in organizing small wedding receptions and various events.  She will help you plan the perfect event, which will be developed according to your wishes and not that of any codified structure.