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Scottish American Society


Featuring members of the Scottish American Community who have made outstanding contributions to the furtherance of our heritage and culture.


John Whitacre studied violin in North Canton schools and in private lessons and played in school orchestras, the Canton Youth Symphony, and the Tuscarawas Philharmonic Orchestra. He learned guitar through lessons and self-teaching and taught himself mandolin and mountain dulcimer based on his experience with the other instruments. He studied music theory for two years in school and has continued its study on his own over the years. John has played Celtic music since 1989 with Dennis Kempthorne and with many other people. He and Dennis performed in 1989-90 with three other musicians as the Tightly Wound String Band and reformed that group as a duo in 2002. They play for dances, festivals, and private parties.

Dennis Kempthorne began playing music in fourth-grade music class and played throughout high school. Dennis had a reawakening in the 1980's and fell in love with the traditional Celtic and old-time tunes and has been playing them ever since. His love for the music took him to music festivals, and he got to know and play with many wonderful muscians who were steeped in the tradition."He became silly with it." Dennis' background was in choral music, having directed several choirs over the years and playing in the low brass section in several concert bands. John and Dennis met in 1989 at a Quail Hollow State Park music session and have been playing together since. They have had the pleasure of playing at music festivals, dances, school programs, open air concerts and private events.

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David and Kathi Macgregor

David H. Macgregor

On December 16, 2007, David Macgregor was honored with a 25 year award by the Trustees of the Ohio Scottish Games at the Oberlin Inn. During Games Day, David is the Chairman of the Childrens’ Games, providing activities for children of all ages to participate in a mini version of the adult athletic competition performed that day.

David is also a 20 year member of the Board of Trustees for The Lorain International, which is a week long festival honoring the various nationalities of the city of Lorain. One nationality is spotlighted each year and David was President of International in 1983 when the Scottish Community was focused upon. David is also President of the Great Lakes Chapter of Clan Gregor.

David is also a Board member for The Black River Historical Society in Lorain, which is housed in a Museum known as the Moore House; the home of the first mayor of Lorain.

He is married to Kathi, who is Captain of the Canadian Legion Drill Team, a kilted, precision drill team marching to the tunes of local bagpipe bands. David is a tenor drummer in the Lochaber Pipe Band of Lorain, again following his ethnic background.

David also served on the Lorain Goodwill board for 10 years, is  Past President of  Lorain Cotillion Club, University Club, Lorain County Insurance Agents,  Lorain Towne Club, United British Society, was a Lorain Kiwanis Trustee, and a member of the American Clan Gregor. He is presently a member of Lorain Lions Club and Masonic Lodge. David is also very proud to be a graduate of Purdue  University, West Lafayette, Indiana.

All this … and he still finds time for his semi-retired consultant position at the Somers Insurance Agency, into which he merged his company, Culbertson-Macgregor Insurance, approximately 25 years ago.

When he is not involved with all of these entities, he finds time to run a one-man landscaping company from spring to fall, planting annuals and maintaining landscaping duties for a few area businesses and local condo associations. Yes, David is a busy man.

Kevin McGinty: It was sad news to learn that Kevin,78, died unexpectedly Saturday September 15th in his home in Euclid. He has worked as a co-host with Joe Nicholls on the radio program "Sounds of Britain and Ireland" for many years.
He was born in Ireland and immigrated to Cleveland when he was 17, first to live with his older sister, Monica, in Boston, and then following her to Cleveland when she got a job here. Another sister, Catharine, joined them. Six other siblings and his mother and father stayed in Ireland.
He married Kathleen Hastings in 1967 and they had five children together. She died in 2001. He kept her clothes in the bedroom closet until the day he died. He will be missed by many.




6:06 p.m. Sundays

WCPN, 90.3 FM

Joe Nicholls is from Merseyside, England. He used to broadcast a similar radio show in the 1960's. When he heard about WCPN-FM going on the air in 1984, he decided to get back in front of the microphone. One week after the station debuted in September of that year, he began to play the songs of the British Isles. His music covers five countries: Scotland, Ireland, Wales, The Isle of Man, and England.

In 1990, Joe began to feel he needed another host. He had enjoyed having guests on the show and thought the back and forth chatter added a good dimension. Kevin McGinty of County Mayo, Ireland, began to appear with him. Having heard the two of them together, I must admit that they are a good combination. Sitting with Joe and Kevin is a jolly experience. The chatter and the banter in the studio goes on and on - laughter is the common denominator. Kevin has been a director and actor of the Cleveland Irish Players and has a vast knowledge of the entertainment world. Joe is a retired newspaper-marketing representative with many interests. Kevin manages a painting contracting company.