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Some ideas on how we may best serve you.  Please check in often for updates on our offerings.

CD or live sound

Our amplification will amaze you.  We can tune to the finest piccolo and the loudest accoustic guitar playing live.  Our CD's sound so life-like you will swear the band is in the room with you.  We have it all.  We can play so soft a baby could sleep through the melody or we can wake the residents of the local cemetary.  Whatever your sound need is, we can probably fill it.


Set the mood.

Playing the harp?  Singing a song to your loved one?  Maybe you are just giving a speech and need to be heard.  Simple or complex.  We can handle it.

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Dance or Romance 

Trumpet Playing 2

We can add to your ambience, whatever the event.   Sound is an important addition.  It can help please your audio palate or give ear splitting rhythms.  We aim to please.  Give us a try.  Our costs vary according to your specific needs.  No job too small.  Our fees are very reasonable.
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Christmas Party?
We can provide the music....