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Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association
Thanks and Acknowledgements

Purple Martin Capital of Ohio

For some time now, our Larry has wanted to anoint the Portage Lakes Area with the title, “Purple Martin Capital of Ohio.”  Seems a simple request, but it became more of a crusade as he contacted many of the local legislators in an attempt to get a bill passed to that effect. 


First there was Resolution No. 9.  It went nowhere.  Then came House Bill No. 222.  It, too, failed to succeed.  But then came HB 404.  Passed earlier this year by both the Ohio House and Senate, the bill finally was scheduled to be signed by the governor on Friday, December 19th.  Seven of us accompanied Larry as he went to Columbus to witness the signing: Tom Fry, Kay Lukac, Carol Saurer, Betty Seeley, Paul Toth (President of the Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association and Larry’s right hand man), Jim Frost (Himself) and spouse. 

The governor signed HB404  early in the afternoon of Friday, December 19th 2015.. It will be fully active  in 90 days. Larry will no doubt plan a celebration not to be matched by anything ever seen in this area.  Possibly a brass band parade and banners everywhere. Definitely there will be a dinner, with area notables, politicians, and perhaps even the governor attending.  Stay tuned!

Our collective thanks to:  Representative Anthony DeVitis, Representative Marilyn Slaby, Senator Frank LaRose, Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, and Governor John Kasich.  They made it possible to achieve our title. 


It takes a lot of folks to make an organization successful.  Here are a few who have helped us. 

Many people work hard to make the Portage Lakes Purple Martin project a success.  We especially want to thank the following: 
Paul Toth, Phil Pinnow, Larry Yothers, Larry and Judy Hunter, Jim and Margaret Frost, Dave and Liz Belvin,  Carol Saurer, George Hungerford, Jim Cummings, Joe and Kay Lukac, Glen and Georgia Sheets, Don Day, Jay and Peggy Simmons, Tom Burge, Polly Price, Mary Ann Phillips, Dennis Pitts, and Jean Broida.

Paul Toth, photographer extraordinaire.  Many thanks to Paul for his gorgeous purple martin photos.  See his contributions all through this site.