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Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association
Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you.

Larry or Judy Hunter

Tel.:  330-644-1540  or e-mail:  jhunter54@neo.rr.com

Jim or Margaret Frost

Tel.:  330-882-0342  or e-mail:  jfrost1934@gmail.com, margaretfrost63@gmail.com

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Or send us mail:

The Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association

Mr. or Mrs. Larry Hunter

4737 Bickford Avenue, Akron, OH 44319

Dues and Donations

We're happy to receive any and all donations. We have many ongoing expenses.  For example, the cost per pole.  Each Purple Martin Pole with 12 gourds costs us $850.00.  Tree Swallow poles with one gourd cost $125.00. OUCH! The good news is that our poles will last over 50 years and we are saving the residents of the Portage Lakes a fortune in insecticides and bug repellents.
Please send dues/donations to: 
PLPMA, c/o Larry Hunter

4737 Bickford Avenue,

Akron, OH 44319.

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