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Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association


Portage Lake Purple Martin Association


If you are interested in receiving notifications of meetings or other Purple Martin events, please email: Greer Kabb-Langkamp at: gmkabb@gmail.com


There will be NO MEETING ON TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 3rd of the Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association. We are wrapping up a very successful Twilight Boat Tours month and everyone who has assisted deserves a big thank you and a big rest!!

There WILL BE a meeting on TUESDAY OCTOBER 1ST for the Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association. BUT THERE WILL BE A CHANGE IN LOCATION!! We will meet at the Akron Yacht Club on S. Main Street due to Kiwanis’ Rose Sale.


Brief report - Meeting: March 5TH at 7:00, Kiwanis Civic Center, 725 Portage Lakes Dr.

Purple Martins have been seen in the southern US states. They are heading our way! Last year the first Martin appeared on March 27th at 11:00 AM. We have lots of preparations to make before they arrive here.

Nimisila Boat Rides are still on hold. Research is being done and we haven't given up hope yet. But very unlikely to happen in 2018.

Election of officers: Paul Toth, President; Chuck Seeley, Vice President; Carol Saurer, Secretary; Judy and Larry Hunter, Co-Treasurers


March Build new sites - Put up new sites

March 5 PLPMA Meeting - 7:00 Kiwanis Civic Ctr - 725 Portage Lakes Drive

March 24th Boy Scouts - State Mill Road, 9:00 AM
March 25 2:00 p.m. - Volunteers meet at the barn.

Directions: Rt. 93, Manchester Road, south of Rt. 619. Turn into the entrance to Portage Lakes Park. Turn left on first road after entrance. (Do not go straight - that will take you to the beach.) Pass offices and Astronomy Club bldg. Take road as it curves to the right then take first road off to the right. Parking is in front of the barn.

April 23rd - 7:00 Purple Martin Meeting at Kiwanis, follows Garden Club Meeting.

May 23 & 24th - 9:15 a.m. - Manchester 8th grade students (approx. 100) State Mill
May 29th, 30 & 31st - 9:15 a.m. - Coventry 8th grade students (approx. 160)
State Mill.

June 30th BUCKEYE MARTINFEST 2:00 - State Mill road


Meeting notes (not minutes) of meeting held at Kiwanis Civic Center 7th March 2017.

Paul Toth needs help at State Mill Site on March 25th from 9AM to 10 AM

Larry Hunter needs assistance with programs for local schools on May 17th-19th and 24th, 25th & 26th.

Let Larry know if you can help.  Tel.:  330-644-1540  or e-mail:  jhunter54@neo.rr.com

Great Lakes Honda made a $100 donation (Joey Huang).



The Meeting of the Purple Martin Association

September 18th, 2014


Attendance: Larry Hunter, Paul Toth, Margaret Frost, Jim Frost, Chuck Seeley, Rosemary Donatell, Mitch Booth,Louise Udovich, Carol Saurer


We are still waiting for House Bill#404 to be passed.


Babies fledged in 2014: 672


We received $435.00 that was designated to us from the estate of  Jim Halas.


A motion was made, discussed, voted, and passed that the boat rides to The Roost be increased to $25.00 (per person donation).


A motion was made, discussed, voted and passed that 2 new poles be installed. One pole at Wingfoot Lake and one at I.B.H. One pole will be dedicated to Jim Halas and one to South Side Realty.


We also discussed having an intern naturalist on each trip to The Roost. We would pay not more than $40.00 per trip, not to exceed $600.00 per year. Larry will be getting more information about this possibility.


Nearing the end of the meeting we voted to keep the same officers with one exception, Carol Saurer volunteered to serve as secretary.


Purple Martin Association

Meeting Minutes

April 15, 2014


Paul Toth-President, Chuck Seeley-Vice President, Betty Seeley, Kay Lucak Jim Polk, Judy Hunter, Margaret & Jim Frost

Next meeting:

To be determined



I.              Treasurer’s Report:

  1.  Bank Account Balance:   $ 4,265.10

II. Announcements

  1. SE Akron Board of Trade donated $ 500.00 to PLMA to be used towards 1 pole at IBHon

    S Main Street.


  2. Purple Martin Boat Rides -  Saturday’s are reserved for August 1st thru 31st.  May be completely reserved by May 1st.

  3. PLMA purchased a 4hp Elec. Motor Generator  valued at $ 4,000.00 from Michelle Hunter for $ 2,000.00. This also included new batteries.

  4. HB 404 passed the State House and will now go to the Senate.  Sen. Frank LaRose was the sponsor.  Along with Rep Tony Devitis & Rep Marilyn Slabey.

    The first week of May this will be put up for vote and Monica – Aide to Mary Taylor is backing this.

    Larry Hunter has spoken to Sam Reynolds and the 8th grade MMS Science and English teachers are focusing on having the students write essays that can be read at Committee when the Senate Votes



  1.  SITES -   All the poles are now up.  Larry Hunter is putting up some screens to keep the raccoons out to the boat house and bird houses.  All but one PM nest was destroyed last year in the park at Wyhem Drive.

  2.  Kay Lucak reported seeing a “ Sharp skinned Hawk reach into the PM door & kill PM. These are small with light underside and stripes on the edges of Feathers .  She would like ideas to deter the problem.

  1. Paul Toth suggested a crescent shaped opening will be more protective of the birds inside.

  1. Volunteers for feeding schedules of the birds -  Topic was discussed again that we will need more volunteers to help feed the birds.

  1.    At this time Larry Hunter and Paul Toth are feeing 1-3 times per day during   

                April, especially in bad weather. 

  2. Carol Zeh lives at the corner of Hymare Street @ Pin Oak Point and will help as needed but is not able to do full time.

  3. Larry Hunter suggested one person to schedule people to feed the birds.  He ask Rosemary is she would consider heading up the recruitement and scheduling of new people.  Suggestions would be IBH, MHS CHS and Churches.


  1.  We have the secured the Glass Case ( size approximately 24 x 28 ) at the Portage Lakes Library for the month of June.

  2. Chuck & Betty Seeley have volunteered to come up with display for inside of case.

  1.  Suggestions from Members:

  1. Paul Toth has a lot of pictures

  2. Marg suggest things on the website

  3. Sample Gourd w/Nest

  4. Put flash drive in with slide show of sites State Mill site, Long Lake Beach assoc., Camp Y Noah – On hill behind horse, East Shore.



  1. Purple Martin Capitol of Ohio Celebration

  1.  Larry Hunter suggested early Septemeber for this event

  2. Location:  Anthe’s ( Prime 93 ) this facility can hold 400 people

                                            This could also double as a fund raiser.

  3.  Deposit for room rental would be $ 1,000.00

  4. Dinner Price:   $ 20.00 – Chicken, Egg Plant Parm. Chop Sirloin

                            $ 23.00 -  Seafood – Scrod

                            $ 30.00 -  Steak

                            $ 50.00 – suggested sit down dinner to raise funds. Kay

                               knows Jim Polk owner and maybe able to lower cost.

  5. We will need a head count of people planning to attend,  speakers, entertainment both Boy Scout Troops could be flag bearers, MHS Singers could perform in addition to trying to secure a Purple Martin outfit from Costume Shop on Main Street.

  6. We currently e-mail 300 newsletters out in addition to the 350 printed forms of the newsletter.  We will need to send out interest cards for possible attendees for this Celebration.  Kay and Marg suggested that we get Manchester & Coventry Schools involved in the Mail/E-Mail project.

  7. Paul Toth – Suggested car stickers – ex: cling on or magnetic for PLMAC

  8. Chuck Seeley has volunteered to MC the evenings  events.

  9. Silent Auction Items:     

  1. Free Sunset Cruise of Portage Lakes

  2. Carving of Purple Martin

  3.  Don Drumm donation

  1. Invite Govenor up to sign the bill

  2. Smaller Meet & Greet at the Island Club with Gov.  Weekday would be easier for politicians.




Purple Martin Minutes

Dana Roderick, Secretary

Meeting Date: 1-14-14


Meeting called to order by PRESIDENT PAUL TOTH

Facilitator LARRY HUNTER

Previous Minutes: Reading of October minutes – October 1st 2013

Minutes accepted as is

Attendees:  Paul Toth, Jim & Margaret Frost, Larry Hunter, Kay Lukac, Dana Roderick, Tom Fry, Phil Pinnow, Rosemary, Sandi & Carol.


Information Current Standings of Check Book - $ 7,710.67 with no outstanding bills

Of the $ 7,710.67 came from the $ 4,000.00 profit from Boat Rides, this amount does not include the $ 80.00 refund.

Donation of $ 500.00 of pre stamped envelopes to be used for mailings of newsletter, etc.

Treaurers Report to stand as is without audit

Action terms . Person Responsible Deadline N/A



At this time the repairs for the Barn Roof are still on hold. As there is not a signed and confirmed lease on the property, doing any repairs at this time could be an extreme waste of money and time. Let alone the liabilities for the club with someone climbing on

the building.

Findings - AIG has gone Bankrupt and all monies are being divided between Non Profit organizations in the Ohio area. There are several Tiers of qualifications to be met in order to receive an of these funds.

Portage Lakes Kiwanis has applied for a portion of the grant and are currently waiting on a reply to the application. Per Larry any donation Checks received towards payment of the Barn Roof Repairs have been returned to the organizations who donated.

Portage Lakes Rowing Club has submitted a request that they would like to spend $ 250.00 to cover a portion of the roof. With the Rowing association taking up the top floor of the barn their boats are directly under the roof.




Paul Toth - There are six current sites being considered for new or upgraded poles:

1) Wingfoot Lake,

2) Interval Brotherhood Home

3) Spillway Metro Parks ( Manchester Road)

4) Langkamps

5) Kay Lukac

6)-Camp Y-Noah



Cost to upgrade poles is: app, $ 700.00, cost for new pole is: $ 850.00

Cost for new Tree Swallow House: $ 125.00 but at this time $ 0.00 as we have the items

needed in the barn.

1) Wingfoot Lakes currently has 3 houses mounted on a telephone pole there are no martins being attracted to this site. Idea is to put up a new pole and try and attract the martins to that.

2)  Interval  Brotherhood home has been asking for an upgrade to their pole since last year. They would go from 6 to 12 houses. Original pole went up in 2003

Action: Kay Lukac has spoken to her other committee and believes that she will be able to secure a donation for $ 500.00 to $ 600.00 which would partially pay for the upgrade on this site. Meeting is next week should know something at that time.

3) Spillway ( Manchester Road)  Metro parks will be putting in new nature site here. Would it be advisable to wait until next year.

4) Langkamps - is being maintained, needs tree swallow house

5) Kay Lukac - Tree Swallow House



Tom Fry - 1) In the event that we may receive the lease for the barn do we want to spend all of the $ 7,710.67 that is in checking account or do we want to hold our portion of the money needed for repairs back. I

2) Also should we get Purple Martin Capitol of Ohio what money needs to be allocated for hosting the banquet.

A) Per Larry the vote will happen this week and then it will be sometime after that before we know. He has spoken to Prime 93 and we will need to put down a $ 1,000.00 reservation fee for the room.

Q) can we not hold a fund raiser to get the $ 1,000 for the deposit. Per Larry yes or this may not go thru until after this years boat rides and the money could be taken from that as we made $4000 profit last year.

A) If we hold back the $ 4,500.00 for barn repairs this leave a balance of $ 3,200.00 to spend on poles. .At $ 800.00 per pole we could still do 3 poles.


Conclusions I


Motion by Jim Frost - That we hold back $ 4,500.00 our portion of the repairs to the barn.

Motion 2nd Sandi

Motion passed that $ 4,500.00 will be held back for barn repairs


Action Items:

Final Conclusion:

1) Wingfoot lake Motion to put up pole by Larry I 2nd I Hunter by Sandi Passed

2) IBH - motion by Larry Hunter to put up I replacement pole & 6 gourds making 12 total I 2nd by Sandi Passed

3) Spillway Pole - Motion to wait until next year for this site to receive new pole


4) Camp YNoah- Motion to wait until next year for pole at this site


5) Kay Lukac - Motion by Larry to put up tree swallow house.

2nd by Sandi MOTION PASSED

At this time there is no cost I only labor to put up tree swallow houses as there are still some houses in the barn. If had to purchase the tree swallow house would be approximately $ 125.00



Buckeye Martin Festival

Date: June 28th, 2014 Time: 2 pm

Question: Is this something we want to expand on and get more vendors to participate.

EX: Ken Gerstenslager set up Clean Water display. He has set up displays at the Kiwanis Club in the past. I

Returning: Metro Parks, Fran Kitchen - Rescue Animals, Library, also Dennis Moore to set up games for the kids.

What other groups/organizations would be willing to attend.

Need to secure gloves spoons markers as we did not have gloves last year. 


Advertisement: As Metro Parks will be involved there will be advertisement done there as their  flyers are already printed. Problem is the Classic Boat Show is the same day. It starts at approximately 9 am and runs until around 2 pm.

Suggestions: Kay Lukac suggested that we see about putting up signs at the boat show to join us at State Mill for the Purple Martin Festival after the boat show ends. Discussion left open.


Banding the Birds: Is there a better route to run things so that the birds can be banded quicker than last year. The children seem to enjoy the involvement with the birds but it takes up a lot of time.

Tom Fry: Could banding be done at a separate time? Paul Toth suggested that if only one bander is available we will not band the birds this season. You must have a federal permit in order to band the birds.

Conclusion: LEFT OPEN


Supplemental Feedings Larry Hunter


Large number of birds lost last year was due to not having enough insects to eat.  We need to do supplemental feedings this year. For a longer length of time in order to keep the birds fed .

This will take extra hands to help with the feedings. There are currently 3 - 4 families on pin oak point that are willing to help with feedings.

We need to advertise for helpers to feed and care for the birds at each site. This would not be a full time thing for them. Just basic fill in and extra feedings. Once volunteers are secured provide lists to each site with names, contact numbers for their specific site. Each site will be responsible for securing back up people

This would .be for the late nester.


Comment 2:

Gourd Treatment LARRY HUNTER

What can be done about the Gourds being so bad last year with bugs and lice.

Kay Lukac: suggests that they be treated prior to the birds arriving and then throughout the season and see if that helps keep things under control a little better.

ACTION: Kay's sight will be treated earlier this year.


Boat Rides Larry Hunter

Discussion Should the price per boat ride be raised to $ 30.00 or left as is at $ 20.00 per person?

Margaret Frost - Could we offer an entire boat full for X amount of Dollars?

Could we put tip jars on the boat instead of raising the price per ride?

1) we donate several rides per season to politicians and the Metro Naturalists. Plus a higher rate for children to see the sights may not go over well and other than the one cancellation last season we were booked solid.

2) Due to the boat rides being on State Property we are not allowed to collect money. Per Larry Hunter


3) Donation jar could be placed on boat at rail entering boat with covering of jar or can.



1) Revise the cancellation policy as stated in the October meeting minutes

2) Boat ride pricing will stay the same as last year

3) Donation jars will be placed on each boat



TOPIC: Portage Lakes Advisory Club member Bruce Carpenter's Retirement

We would like to make a donation to Bruce Carpenter as he is retiring.

Action: Larry Hunter made a motion to donate $ 100.00 for a Gervasi Gift Certificate for Bruce.

Motion was second by Rosemary

Motion passed



The annual business meeting was held at the Kiwanis Civic Center on Sunday, October 13th at 7:00 PM with President Paul Toth officiating.  Officers were elected and the treasurer's report was made and filed for audit.  Some expenditures were voted in and some were tabled for future consideration.  There will likely be another meeting in the near future as other decisions may have to be made before another annual meeting.  Please try to help out by attending. Your input is important. 

Kiwanis Civic Center
725 Portage Lakes Drive
Akron, Ohio  44319