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Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association

We have many different opportunities and activities throughout the year.  We welcome any who are interested in participating.


Getting things cleaned up in the fall - Larry and the gang wash guords.


To see more photos of the guys at work, click here.

Read about the Purple Martin pre-migratory roost experience by clicking here:



We have sent in an application for a listing as an IMPORTANT BIRD AREA to the Ohio Audubon Society.  This is a national publication of all the areas in the U.S. that meet the requirements as outlined by the Audubon Society.

We meet the requirements for both breeding area and migratory resting area, so we should be approved.

Gourds at Spillway Site
Photo by Paul Toth



June 24th


2:00-4:30 at the State Mill Road site.  We will partner with ODNR – Division of Wildlife, ODNR – Division of Parks and Recreation and Metro ParksServing Summit County, the library and various other civic groups.   The program includes the above plus crafts and games for the youngsters.  This event continues to grow each year.   Call Larry Hunter if you can help.  330-644-1540.



March 27th - 2016

Larry Hunter reports that he and Judy saw the first returning Purple Martins of 2016 on Easter Sunday at 11:30 a.m. Paul Toth saw several the same day, over by the boat launch area.


Click here for map to pre-migratory roost launch.

Annual Meeting information

Photo by Paul Toth