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Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association


The Portage Lakes is now officially the PURPLE MARTIN CAPITAL of OHIO.


The grand celebration took place at (Anthes) Prime 93 on Friday, May 8th.  Lots of dignitaries were there, the choirs from Manchester, Coventry, and Green high schools sang, and we all congratulated Larry Hunter - because despite everyone's efforts, it simply wouldn't have happened.  Governor Kasich signed House Bill 404 on December 19th, 2014.  A few of the members were present to witness the signing.

Left to right:
Senator LaRose, Matt McDonnell
Members of the Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association - Jim & Margaret Frost, Betty Seeley, President Paul Toth, Tom Fry, Secretary Carol Saurer, Kay Lukac
Eric Seeds, PLPMA Advisor, Larry Hunter
Jennifer Tock, Kayla Atchison
Governor John Kasich

Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association - PURPLE MARTIN CAPITAL of OHIO