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Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association


Cavity Nesting Birds Workshop 25 March 2017

This workshop is designed for those hoping to assist in the conservation of cavity nesting birds.  Our own Larry Hunter will be presenting part of the program on the Portage Lakes - Purple Martin Capital of Ohio. 

Workshop participants will discover the joy of backyard birding and learn best practices regarding providing cavity nesting birds with healthy nest options.

Our Larry Hunter presented part of the program at this workshop.  As usual, his presentation was both joyful and fascinating. 

This was a really good program with many interesting speakers and participants.  Well worth attending if they ever do it again - wish it could be duplicated in our area.

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge is very beautiful.  For those of us who have been going up to that area for many years, it is wonderful to see all the improvements made there.  Take time to visit.  I guarantee you will enjoy the experience.