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Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association


Dues will help cover our many costs including educational programs and the means to pay for sites including gourds, poles, supplies, transportation costs, owl guards, etc.

Benefits for members include opportunities to help us educate the public about the Purple Martins of the Portage Lakes, what they do for us and how we encourage public enjoyment of these beautiful birds.


Basic membership: $15 per family, $10 per person

Soaring supporter: $25

Flight master: $50

Angelic contributor: $100

Make your check out to the Portage Lake Purple Martin Association

Mail to: Larry or Judy Hunter, 4737 Bickford Avenue, New Franklin Oh 44319-4407


Note: With your permission, we will place the names of those who contribute more than the basic dues on our web site. If you do not wish your name known, we will put "anonymous". For corporate donations or sponsorship, contact Larry Hunter.