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Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association
Print by James J. Audubon

Welcome to the web site of the Portage Lakes Purple Martin Association.

This is an organization dedicated to helping the Purple Martins feed, breed, and interact with the environment to the best of their bird ability.  We're happy to have them here in the Portage Lakes of Ohio and do our best to make them feel welcome.  Many groups help us in our objectives.  We have a large number of gourd homes maintained by our members with assistance from community groups, we feed the birds when the weather is inclement and they are unable to fend for themselves, we band them when appropriate, and we have a number of activities and lectures throughout the year.. 

Portage Lakes




Kay Lukac, President

Paul Toth, Vice President

Co-Treasurers, Judy & Larry Hunter

Secretary, Carol Saurer

Larry Hunter, Chief Advisor



For information on our organization, click here.

Photo by Paul Toth

*Official title