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Who really wants the Global Greed Treaty?

It's called the "Multilateral Agreement on Investments" or MAI. The MAI is being negotiated through the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a club of 29 rich countries. The World Trade Organization calls the MAI "the constitution of a single global exonomy."(1) It is more than that. The MAI is a sneak attack on democracy, a coup d'état against national and local governmets everywhere. What would the MAI do?

How does big business justfy MAI?

The business lobby claims that global investment is inherently beneficial. This might be so if, for instance, foreign investors abided by "performance requirements" that protect human rights, health, worker safety, culture, the environment or the economy. But the MAI bans such requirements. Instead, it requires that previously sovereign nations give investors unconditional access to our market.

Do our governments really want this treaty?

Prime Minister Chretien supports the MAI(6) but has not consulted the public or Parliament. Your MP probably doesn't know. Nor your provincial MPP or MLA. Certainly not your city councillor! Shouldn't we tell them about the MAI? They might be shocked to learn the MAI would reduce their jobs to filing clerks.(7) We might still vote for them but their new boss would be foreign investors - even fly-by-night speculators.

What can I do to help?

Please tell all your friends about MAI. Educate your federal candidates, especially the Liberals. Speak up at all-candidates meetings. Tell them that democracy and global survival are on the line. If they do not listen, please take your vote elsewhere. Don't vote for any candidate that refuses to speak out against this monstrous treaty.

Time is short. The MAI is to be submitted for final approval by Parliament, the U.S. Senate and the European Union this fall, until all OECD member countries have joined. Then pressure will mount on Third World countries. Once we sign, we are locked in for 20 years.(8)

A growing global movement is opposing the MAI. E-mail us at AF558@Freenet.Carleton.Ca if you need more help or details on MAI's many destructive provisions or go to our homepage. Help us reclaim Canada for ALL Canadians - Not just a greedy few!

Say "no you MAI not" plunder Canada.

Vote "no" to the global greed treaty!

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