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John Kendrick Bangs

Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica

A house-boat on the Styx

The Pursuit of the Houseboat

Ghosts I have met, and some others

The pursuit of the house-boat; being some further account of the divers doings of the Associated Shades, under the leadership of Sherlock Holmes, Esq

Mr. Munchausen; being a true account of some of the recent adventures beyond the Styx of the late Hieronymus Carl Friedrich, sometime Baron Munchausen of Bodenwerder

Peeps at people, being certain papers from the writings of Anne Warrington Witherup

Paste jewels; being seven tales of domestic woe

A house-boat on the Styx; being some account of the divers doings of the associated shades

A little book of Christmas

Science Fiction Book Writers