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Phil Brucato

Guide to the Technocracy

Revelations of the Dark Mother : Seeds from the Twilight Garden

Kindred of the East (For Vampire, the Masquerade)

Ascension's Right Hand (Mage : The Ascension, No 12)

Ascension's Right Hand : Fellowship in the Line of Fire : The Acolyte's Sourcebook

Destiny's Price : A-Handbook for the Gothic-Punk Streets (Mage)

Black Furies Tribebook (Werewolf - The Apocalypse Tribebook , No 1)

Crusade Lore : The Storytellers Screen and Book (Mage, the Sorcerers Crusade)

The Book of Madness : Whispers Without, Chaos Within (Mage)

Mage : The Ascension (Mage)

Science Fiction Book Writers