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In this section information regarding the dealers from where components can be procured , components used in the project and their specifications have been put up.

The list of dealers are recognized and this information can be useful to amateurs ,hobbyists , people interested in such projects and others as well.


Dealers in Mumbai from where components can be procured:

Asha Sales Corporation,
Panditalaya Bldg. Ground floor,
Chumam lane, off - Lamington Road.
Grant Road, Bombay 400007.
Tel: 3864882
Fax: 3870677
Visha Electronics,
62, Rajesh Bldg
1st floor ,opposite police station
339 , Lamington road
Mumbai 400 007
Gala Electronics, Vegakit
62, Rajesh Bldg
1st floor ,opposite police station
339 ,Lamington road
Mumbai 400 007
Ph no : 3879562 ,3823552
E-mail :
Silikon Electronics
351, Lamington road,
shop no.4 ,
Kalpana mansion,
Grant Road
Mumbai 400 007
Tel : 3850644
Lalwani Electronic Components
4 Parijat building,
54, Proctor Road
Mumbai 400 007
Tel : 3809035
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The list of components used in the project :






1 47 uF
ceramic 1 0.01 uF
Carbon type  2 15 K
  1 220 K
  3 10 K
  1 47 K
  2 3.3 K
Potentiometer 1 10 K
ICS 3  
Ic-1 1 555
Ic-2 2 741
LDRS 2  
Rectifier diode 2 1N4007
Double diffused 2 BY127
DC motor 1 3v
DC motor 1 6v
Single pole 1 150 mA
double pole 1 150 mA
Power NPN 2  
power PNP 1  
Medium NPN 2  




The description of the components used in designing the sensor circuits , timer and the speed control of the motor circuitry are listed below .

IC 741: The IC 741 (Op-amp) has been used as a comparator to distinguish between the dark background and light background of the path following sensor. The IC changes state when the resistance of the LDR increases (i.e. when the ant sensor has approached the black path.)

IC 555: The IC 555 is used as a basic timer in the mono-stable mode .It is set to a predefined time duration of 14 seconds and gets activated when either of the depth detector or the whisker is triggered. This IC is coupled with transistor that are used to drive the relays which reverse as well as turn the robot. Thus, avoiding the obstacle and taking a new path.

Power transistors : Power transistors (2N3055 ) NPN and (3N3055) PNP have been used in the turn control circuit and are connected in class B push-pull mode . The requirement of high currents by the motor necessitated the use of the power transistors. Also for the speed control of the rear wheel drive suitable transistorized circuit using power transistors had been used. This allows accurate control of the speed of the vehicle. 

Medium power transistor : Medium power transistors have been used to drive the relay circuits ,they have been used as switches in the circuit . Since the IC's cannot provide large currents to drive the relays medium power transistors have been used to provide larger currents.
All resistors are 1/8 watt unless noted otherwise.
15 K , 47 K , 220 k , 10 K , 3.3 k ,1.5 k
0.01 uF ( 25v ) , 47 uF (25 v )
Diodes and Ldr's
1N4007 diode, and photosensitive LDR's with dark resistance 100K and light resistance of 2K were used in the sensors.
Single pole single throw ( 6v ,150 mA )

Double pole double throw ( 6v ,150 mA )
Dc motors were used with voltage rating of 3v for the rear wheel drive and 6v motor for the front wheel turn.
One double pole double throw pole switch was used to change the mode of navigation of the Ant.

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