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Scott Edwards Electronics, Inc.
Jameco Electronics
MPJA Electronics Mail Order Co.
maxon motor - (THEY're the ones who sell those tiny little motors that make beepers vibrate ! -)
Mouser Electronics W3
All Electronics Corp.
American Science & Surplus -(nice fun and reeeeal inexpensive stuff)
STOCK DRIVE PR-ODUCTS - Sterling Instrument
Digikey Mail Order Catalog of Electronic Components Welcome to Parallax, Inc.
Hi-Tech Surplus
Greenweld Electronic Components - Bargain List 137 - 138
California Cybernetics Home Page ---
Cybernet Systems Corporation ---
IMAGES CO. - ( NY. Hooray Finally - ).,has motors, RC, ccd's, kits, etc.
Herbach and Rademan - Surplus Electromechanical & Scientific Equipment RadioShack_Flyer
Electronic Parts Supply Edmund Scientific
Newark Electronics, The Right Components - Right Now
Micro Mo Electronics Home Page
Lynxmotion Robot Kits
Lynxmotion Robot Kits2 (2nd address) Mondo Muscle Wires & Electric Pistons 80-20 Modular Framing Components Novasoft Mekatronix Products, motor control, robots, etc. the Flexinol(tm)Page - Shape Memory Alloy !! Pitronics - about robots Marshall Electronics cameras, displays, lenses Chip Directory Circuit Specialists Inc. Future-Bot Components Co. Electrolytic Tilt Sensors and Tilt Systems Homebrew Sonar CircuitOnline-(the Semiconductor Industries Service Directory) Sharp IR Sensors Sharp IR Sensor Hack for Analog Distance Measurement IR Remote Control Information at Cornell Real World Interface Precision Navigation, Inc. Vector-2X Electronic Compass Module Interfacing to the Vector 2X Compass DIMES Electronix Express Electronics2000 B.G. Micro Disclaimer Zorin HC11 Microcontroller Products Polaroid Sonar Modules Webo Technology Home Page-(wow, control cards, mobile robotsControllers) Robot Store (HK) - ( has handyboard - lego-robot etc. ) Hi-Tech Electronic Surplus -( Links To Pneumatic INFO Pages ! ! ! ) Servo Systems Co. (Wow! New & Used Industrial Robots!-from Montville NJ) Bits and Bytes -( Has Parallel Port Freeware ) JT Systems - ( ServoMotors for sale etc.)

Leang Robotics  This is my small home-based robotics company.  Check out what I have to offer.
Pete Miles Walking Robots website.
HVW Technologies  A place to get cool kits and parts
The Robot Store  The name says it all!
The Robot Store in Hong Kong  MIT Handy Board distributor.
Sine Robotics  Bill Harrison's Sine Robotics.  Check out his Marvin Slyder robot kit.
The BotBoard Site  Marvin Green's BotBoard site.
Arrick Robotics  Cool robots and kits
Wirz Electronics  A cool place to get robot stuff
Mr. Robot  Want robot kits, microcontrollers, motors and sensors?  Check it site out!
Acroname  Another place to pick up robot parts and accessories.
Technological Arts  A place to get 68HC11 and 68HC12 microcontroller boards for robotics.
BecTec  Robot parts and platform supplier
Domestic Droids Website  Check out their Mowbot for mowing lawns!
Mekatronix Homepage  Robotics kits and parts company

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