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Brisbane Robotics user group
Craig Dillon Homepage
Robbie the Running Robot - Other Walking/Mobile Robot Sites
Roboticist Homepage- 6 legged walker
Robotics- Australian Computer Society SIG
~4th European Workshop on Learning Robots, B-Learn II TT Workshop
AutoLife FTP archive
El mes de la rob˛tica a la UPC
EURO ROBOTS ARCHIVE European Robotics Web Servers
Euro-Robots:Mobile Robots Archive (Front Page)
FZI IPT - Interactive Planning Technology
Genetic Programming Notebook---European Mirror
GMD Liaison Office in Tokyo
Mobile Robitics/University----NL
Mobile Robotics Research Group
Other interesting pages of walking machines
Robotics--Mechatroniks Project / Austria
Robots at the AI Lab
Shadow Robot Project: Homepage
Univ. Delft , NL, Robotics and Mechatronics
University of Amsterdam Robotics and Neurocomputing
Walking Machines Catalogue
@~Robotics Researcher----Andy Clegg
~68HC11 users group--NL
Ball Robot
bPlus- de homepage
bplus- home page
C++ Robots
Directory of /pub/scrumpel
Electronics info page
Grant Beattie Welcomes You ...
HCC 68HC11 werkgroep WWW page
Pitronics- about robots---NL
Roboticists Hompage--Ton Goossens
Robot-Snake with Flexible Real-Time Control
The WWW Home Page of Tomi Engdahl
Tickle Robots
Welcome to Grt's Internet Pages
Academic Robotics Web Servers
AO 97-OSS-XX: Mars 2001 Home Page
Biped Robot Database
build a functioning mobile robot
CERA Research
Click here to visit the MIT Handy Board web site.
CMU Robotics Club Page
Computer Design Matrix
CSU Walking Machine Team Home Page
DMS Home Page
Free Floating Robots
Gleason Research
Hermes AUV
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Home Page
Intelligent Machine Dynamics Lab home page
ITU Technologies' Home Page
IU CSci Analog VLSI & Robotics Lab
KISS Institute Home Page
KrisTech's Robot Magazine for Robotics Students, Enthusiasts & Hobbyists: Robots Central
Leg Design for a small Walking Robot, MIT 1992
Legged Robotics --Marc Raibert
Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library
LunaCorp Rover Home Page
Machine Intelligence Laboratory---Robotics
MIT Leg Lab Home Page
MIT Leg Lab's Planar Biped Robot
MIT Robot Web page
MLG Robot Page
my papers
New Mexico Tech's Electrical Engineering Department
Newton Research Labs
ProtoAndroid Project Welcome Page
RAS News Page
RAS News: Micro-Robot World Cup Soccer Tournament Page
RoboCup: The Robot World Cup
Robot Simulations Ltd---Virtual Robots---vrml
Robotics FAQ Table of Contents
Robotics Institute - Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Robotics Interests
Robots of the RAL
seniors as facilitators
The Cog Shop
University of Michigan AI and Robotics Lab
USC Robotics Research Laboratory
Walking Robot Group Page
WCRG Home Page
68HC11 WWW
68HC11 WWW---Quebec
BOTBoard Information
Aaron's Robots Page
Jeff Frohwein's GameBoy Technical Page - What's New?
Johann Borenstein -- Mobile Robots, Obstacle Avoidance, Dead-reckoning, Odometry, Positioning
Jonathan W. Mills Home Page
Karl Lunt's Home Page
Mark Castelluccio Home Page
Mark Dalton's Home Page
Marks Robotics Home Page
Ray's Robotics Racers
Roboticist Homepage---Steve
Roboticist Homepage---Terry Newton
Robotics / Electronics FTP
Robotics page of Kevin Ross
The Bryan Rittmeyer Hobby Robotics Web Site
The HexWalker Mobile Robot
Welcome to Peter Anderson's home page.

User Groups

DPRG Dallas Personal Robotics Group Web Page
Portland Area Robotics Society
Redirection Page
Robot Sumo Central
Robot Wars---Team Minus Zero«
Seattle Robotics Society
The Home of Triangle Amateur Robotics
Triangle Amateur Robotics Homepage
a quadroped and a biped and a little vision stuff
BEAM Robotics Workshop
Embedded Microcontrollers 68HC11 / 68HC05
HandShake's HomePage
Peter's Home Page
Plans for building your own solaroller
Robot Sumo Web page
Robots, Rockets and Electronics
The twitch of life
TrackBot'95: Joe Christopher and Rick Watson
Useful Links
Welcome to Peter Anderson's home page.
Fred Martin's tiny control computers
A great tutorial for building your first robot by Don Roy
Great Links, Books and other Resources
Huge Index of Robotics related information
Cool Tiny Robots
Basic and inexpensive 68HC11 controller
Seriously cool robots for the wealthy
Inexpensive C compiler for 68HC11
The star on the other planet
Katharina the six-legged walker
Flying Robots
Microprocessor Controlled Autonomous Modular Walking Vehicle
Research on single legged hoppers, sensors, etc.
A tiny ant-class robot and construction photos
Design of a simple robot from an old floppy drive
Nasa Project Developing Serpentine Robotics
68HC11 C Compiler that can be downloaded as well as other robotics information
Portland Area Robotics Society
Dallas Personal Robotics Group (DPRG)
Phoenix Area Robotics Experimenters (Parex)
Kansas Robot Club
Nashua Robot Builders Club
Connecticut Robot Society
Atlanta Hobby Robot Club
Twin Cities Robotics Club
The Austin Robot Group
Rockies Robotics Group
Robotics Society at Southern California
Palo Alto Homebrew Robotics Club
San Francisco Robotics Society of America
Portlan Area Robotics Society
Seattle Robotics Society
Central Illinois Robotics Group
Raleigh Triangle Amateur Robotics Group
Winnipeg Area Robotics Society
Agents, Inc..
Adept (industrial robots and workcells).
Amerinex (computer vision) Arrick Robotics
California Cybernetics Corp.
Directed Perception
Diversified Enterprises
Engineering Services Inc.
IBUKI Trading Post
Mechatronic Research Systems
Mondo-tronics Inc
Nomadic Technologies
Precision MicroDynamics
Real World Interfaces, Inc.
Robosoft (France).
Robix (robot arm kits).
RoboProbe (kits for robotic video inspection, etc.)
The Robot Store
Robotic Systems Technology
RoboWorld, manufacturer of Robosuit

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