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The objectives of the project are enlisted below:

The objective of our project is to design and build a system with image processing capabilities and an inbuilt collision avoidance system. The initial plan also included a remote controlling system for "THE ANT" which was later dropped considering the financial constraint.

A system having image processing capability is a system which can define its own path depending on the criteria based on which the system has to respond . In this project we have selected the criteria to be such that the system always follows a black line. Thus out of the infinite possible ways the vehicle navigates along the selected path which the black line, this feature is the stepping stone for automation.

A "Collision Avoidance System" as the name suggests, is a system that senses obstacles in the path or a sudden valley in the path of a moving vehicle, on which the system is installed, and the primary objective of any such system is to detect possible collision and to prevent it. Such a system plays an important role in navigation as collision avoidance with an obstacle is something that is strongly desired.

The main design objective of the Ant is to follow a black line drawn against a lighter background on a flat surface and detect obstacles and pits in the path, move around them and take an alternate path.

The objectives can be enlisted as follows :

  1. Trace a given black line of thickness more than 0.05 m drawn on a lighter background placed on a smooth surface. Thus working in the path follower mode.
  2. Following the path for maximum deviation of the line of 80 degrees of angle.
  3. Detecting obstacles in its path ,suitably reversing and taking an alternate path.
  4. Detecting huge pits in its path ,and suitably avoiding them.
  5. The total cost should not be more than 1000 Indian rupees.
  6. Operations of "THE ANT" should be remotely accomplished. 

Keeping these constraints in mind, we have researched different types of motors, sensors and material for chassis design and have built "THE ANT"  which according to us is a practical system that best fits our requirements and budget.


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