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The importance of Robotics is increasing day-by-day, both in terms of its social significance and its technological importance. Robotics is a prominent component of manufacturing automation which will affect human labor at all levels. It is one of the most fascinating - areas of research and study for electronics , communications and computer engineers around the world. The past several years has seen the boom of self controlling completely autonomous robots , remotely controllable ones and intelligent machines .Such devices are already being used in interplanetary missions, in deep sea exploration and in the depths of volcanoes and mines.

The deep interest in the field and the urge to independently design and build a robot with such industrial applications , coupled with the fact that the S.F.E conducts hardware project competition every year, brought us to the point where we decided to go ahead with a rather ambitious endeavor - a project to make an land vehicle with image processing intelligence to follow a given path with an inherent collision avoidance system .

This project has given us an in depth and practical knowledge of concepts which otherwise would have remained just as theory in our minds. It also gave us a thorough understanding of various components which we study in our syllabus and has taught us a lot about teamwork. Lastly and most importantly, it brought out the creative spirit among us. Almost all parts of the Ant , have been tailor designed by us as we thought that it would serve as better way of understanding the underlying concepts and provide a chance to go to the depth of the all the minor details involved .

We enjoyed seeing  the Ant in action and it gave us happiness when it bagged the first prize at the contest . Honorable judge Mr.Apte from Siemens India Pvt. Ltd had rightly pointed out a few anomalies and suggested ways and methods to work upon them. Mr. Apte also took the initiative and explained certain aspects of the Ant which could be improved upon and also suggested mind blowing techniques and procedures to develop and model such projects with a entirely new approach and methodology.

Thus, this project has turned out to be real eye opener for all of us.

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