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ScreenShot of the Month (June 2011):

Fokker 100 Blue Skies and White Clouds in North Dakota

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ScreenShot of the Month (May 2011):

Taking off from Fargo

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2010 Screenshot of the YEAR: Mid American 747-400
737 Flying by Mt. Rainier

Mid-American Virtual Airlines


It's Always a Great Day to fly Mid-American!
Who We Are:
A United States based VA with HUBS in Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, San Fran, and Honolulu.  We fly all over the USA, parts of Canada and now parts of the Pacific and Asia!
We are in need of PILOTS as we are expanding every day to new destinations.  Join us today and you will be kept very busy.  You choose where you fly and when we do not dispatch flights to you unless you ask us to.
Planes and Textures NOW AVAILABLE for download.
Click the Liveries Link at the top of the page.
The Mid-American Airlines call sign is now available.
You need EditVoicePack to install it. Here are the links to the instructions and the callsign. Download the Call Sign Now
You will need to import the file to EditVoicePack and then save it into your aircraft.cfg file.  If you do not know how to do this take a look at this website which will at least show you how to create it, but skip to the end where it says how to save it. 
If you are interested in signing up for the Virual Airline and become a pilot, Click Join Our Team at the top navigation bar.
We use VCAS Virtual Airline Admin.  You will need to the VAFS Pilot Client so that you can record your flight hours and track your flight and other pilots' flights right online!
You can get that here:  (Click the link below or Copy and paste it into your browser)  Make sure you downoad FSUIPC as well as you will need to install that also.  Make sure the VAFS Version is downloaded.  The new one is has some issues that I am discussing with them, so before we post the link to the new client we will recommend you use the old one. 

See who's flying now! Our Flight Map is operational!

Mid-American Airlines News:
Mid American Airlines has updated its routes!
Take a moment to check out our newly updated flight schedule!
We now fly multiple flights between LAX and Vegas and Vegas and Chicago.  We also have new service between Newark and Boston.  New CRJ200 Aircraft will be used to service cities such as Cleveland, Nashville, Norfolk, and some other regional airports that other airlines have left.


Some wild weather in the USA over the past few days has halted several of our flights.  St. Louis is one of our hubs and all of our planes are fine and we continue operating out of there.  We are now resuming flights to Kansai as well.

All Hub routes have been fixed and we now have a new updated hub system in place with multiple flights to many destinations.  We have removed all of the non profitable routes and most of the single day flights.  We are still working on fine tuning it, but the mainland US Hub system is finished.  Please check out our new timetable!  Its always a great day to fly Mid-American!  Even in a snow storm!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Mid American.  The winter weather sure is a killer for airlines and here at Mid American we take safety first.  We had to cancel several flights over the last couple of months due to the weather but we were able to make up a lot of it as other airlines gave us their business as all their flights were full!  We are still working on the destination re-do from our hubs.  Its an on going process but moving a long quite well.  We are removing some less profitable routes and getting more flights out daily to our profitable ones.

Long time no see!  We've been busy!
Mid American announces its new Mini Hub in HONG KONG!  We've been busy securing gates and getting aircraft to Hong Kong and we plan on flying several flights a day out of VHHH.  Destinations include: S. Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore and more.  Asia's marketplace is expanding for us and the economy in China is growing and we need to take advantage of it.  Some US routes may be limited due to this expansion.  More updates in a few days.

Mid American announces that it will fly its newly OWNED beech king air 350 from Detroit City to Drummond Island and Mackinac Island to Houghton, MI this spring/summer/fall as we did with last.  What a great way to visit these great destinations!  In the winter time the flight will probably carry cargo to the same destinations as well.  We had to scrap plans to do that last year as we were eagerly expanding our overseas and pacific/Hawaii routes.  We hope to fly more of these great aircraft to smaller airports in the very near future, stay tuned!
Mid American announces a new route from Atlanta to Moscow! And other new domestic routes!  Check the routing information for more information, flight times and destination information.
Mid American announces new regional service on the west coast of the USA.  New SAAB 340B planes will operate connecting/regional flights through our hub in SFO up and down the west coast to smaller regional airports to connect customers to our main hub for flights to all of our destinations.
Happy New Year!  With the new year we have new routes and more planes! Take a look at the flight schedule/where we fly page for the list!
Coming Soon: Fly Concorde!  <Special Rules will apply, experienced pilots with a certain # of hours needed to fly it>
New daily routes announced from Atlanta to Jackson Hole this week! And we continue our service from SFO to Aspen!  Ski, Snowboard, Fly for less with Mid-American!  New Caribbean routes being announced soon for those who want more SUN this winter!
What a wild week of weather!!  Next week should be just as exciting!

We've been changing some routes around for the long distance 747 flights and added a new route from ATL to Tel Aviv Israel.

Mid American is proud to announce its new Hawaiian commuter, regional airline operating out of our new HUB in Honolulu:  Hawaii Express with flights throughout the Hawaiian islands!  We fly these routes at lower altitudes so that our passengers can enjoy the beautiful scenery.  New livery colors and new Saab Aircraft are taking over the skies above Hawaii!  Hope to see you in the air!

Also - The new liveries for the Hawaii Express planes and the 747 Mid American planes will be available very shortly.  We will ask that you email us for the full plane for the 747 as it is too large to post on the site, we are running low on space.  The Saab livery will be posted very very soon.
New Pacific Flights!
Mid American Airlines is proud to announce its new 747-400 aircraft and flights from San Fran to Hong Kong, Kansai via San Francisco.  And Honolulu via San Fran (757 Aircraft).  Visit our schedule page to see when these flights operate.
Mid American Airlines announces new CRJ-700 Aircraft! They are being added to the fleet slowly.  The new Mid-American Star Alliance Livery will be available via the website/email.  The 757 Livery will be added also very shortly as we are awaiting a photo to post and space on the server.  We may have to use alternate routes to get these liveries to you, stay tuned.
Mid-American Airlines announces its new HUBS in San Francisco and Atlanta!  Several flights are already operational out of these hubs - more will be added in the coming weeks and months. Visit our routes page to see which flights will be originating in SFO and ATL!!!!!!!!  Mid American is expanding and we need more pilots to help us expand!  Want to fly?  Join US!
Mid American is almost 3 months old now and things are changing.  We are going to drop a few routes that are not profitable and concentrate on the profitable markets.  This will be going on over the course of the this weekend.  We also are trying to get a flight map up and running and we will see where that leads.   We can also use more pilots, so please join if you havent yet. Happy flying.


Mid American will now fly round trip from Detroit to Atlanta on to Nassau every day.  This creates Atlanta as a mini-connector hub, but not a full blown hub for the airline at this time.  Mid American hopes to add more destinations from and from Atlanta as well as the Caribbean in the distant future.

Mid-American Airlines has announced more routes!  Round trip from St. Louis to Oklahoma City and on to Albuquerque, NM. This is an addition to a  series of routes in which Mid American is challenging Southwest  Airlines for control over these routes by offering lower fares on coach and first class tickets as well as better in flight services. 

Additional routes have been added...
Daily roundtrip service from St. Louis to Myrtle Beach.
Daily roundtrip from St. Louis to Houston Hobby Airport.

Mid American Airlines announces new routes from its hub in St. Louis on new Saab 340 Aircraft.  Round Trip from St. Louis to Memphis with continued service to Baton Rouge.
New HUB on the west coast coming soon!  Stay tuned...
Thank you for flying Mid-American. 
New Boeing 757 Planes and Routes
Mid-American Airlines is pleased to announce its newest routes to Newark, NJ from St. Louis and Las Vegas.  And to Las Vegas from St. Louis.  On our new Boeing 757-200 Aircraft.  Livery Repaints will be available very shortly.  If you are a pilot and can fly for us please let us know.

First News Item 7-14-09 - Beginning of Mid American Airlines


Our Route Information:
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