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Scott's Buncha' Bunz

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These are my Mini Rex girls that keep the herd going.  As with the bucks I do not keep very many anymore since I have been devoting more time to the Lops, but they will stay for now.

Name:  Scott's Buncha' Bunz Tinker Toy
Class & Color:  Red Jr Doe
Info:  Tinker is out of Kruise and a Broken Red doe that I sold in the fall of '02.  I have to admit that the only thing Tinker got from her Mother was her fantastic color!  Everything else comes from her Dad.  She's the spittin' image of Kruise.. small, typey, and great fur!  I am glad that she got her Mother's color though since her Mother had a better Red tone to her.  I have only shown Tinker a few times but so far the judges have been consistantly telling me that she is a very promising Jr.  I can't wait to get her on the table as a Sr!

Name:  Scott's Buncha' Bunz Coal Smudge
Color & Class:  Tortoise, Broken Sr Doe
Info:  Smudge is also out of Hershey and Dusty, but unlike her brother and sister she is quite a bit smaller.  Smudge would have been the perfect show doe if it weren't for the fact that she is a heavy marked broken.  Often called a "Booted Broken", she has very little white on her.  Her white markings are limited to white feet and a white bib on her chest with colored spots that trails down to white markings on her belly that remind me of the markings you would see on a Pinto marked horse!  To me she is a very beautiful doe of excellent quality and she has certainly proven that she can reproduce that quality.

SBB's Gum Drop
Blue Sr Doe

Name:  Scott's Buncha' Bunz Gum Drop
Color & Class:  Blue Sr Doe
Info:  Gummy is out of Hershey (told you he did my herd a world of wonder!) and Amaya.  I have to admit of all the colors I could have gotten I didn't expect a Blue that's fur sure!  And a Solid Blue out of 2 brokens made it even stranger!  But strange or not here she is and I am thankful because she is just an awesome little doe!  She was blessed with her Dad's size and type but she has Amaya's fur as is typical for Amaya.. her fur comes through on her babies so easily.  Gum Drop has shown very well so far and I'm hoping to she does well when she finally gets her Sr coat in.  I am anxious to breed her even though I don't do Blues normally I was seriously thinking of finding a buck for her cause she is just too good NOT to show her!

SBB's Chocolate Chip
Black, Broken Sr Doe

Name:  Scott's Buncha' Bunz Chocolate Chip
Color & Class:  Black, Broken Sr Doe
Info:  Chippy is out of Hassen and Pearl and she completes a 3 generation line of does that I now have in my herd.  Even though they are seperated by a generation Chippy looks very much like her Grandmother Amaya.  I've had people tell me that Chippy looks more like her daughter than her grand daughter.  As with Amaya and Pearl.. Chippy has the family fur! Lol!  One other thing she does have that I am grateful for is she is quite a bit smaller.  She only weighs 3 3/4 pounds where Amaya and Pearl normally range from 4 to 4.5 depending if they are pregnant or not.  Chippy is one bunny that will never leave our home here because when she was 3 days old my Mom laid claim to her!  She is more of a pet rabbit at this point than a breeding rabbit but we do occasionally breed her.

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