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In addition to the many specific suggestions arising from the Conference papers and workshops, seven overarching recommendations are made.  These represent important starting points to begin the journey towards sustainable development in Timor Lorosa’e.


  1. Include sustainable development within the Constitution being drafted for Timor Lorosa’e


  1. Adopt a consistent set of sustainable development principles and guidelines for reviewing policies, programs and projects within Timor Lorosa’e.  These may include:


·      Social equity, economic efficiency, and ecological integrity

·      The Precautionary Principle

·      User Pays Principle

·      Participatory decision-making


  1. Approach national development planning by drafting a sustainable development strategy for Timor Lorosa’e


  1. Address acute unsustainability concerns without delay.  Examples include:


  1. Empower civil society groups and community organizations through participatory approaches to decision-making during and after the transition period.


  1. Prioritise participation in existing global and regional multilateral environmental and sustainable development agreements based on Timor Lorosa'e’s needs and capacity.

·        A key priority is to define Timor Lorosa'e’s ocean boundaries


  1. Invest substantially in sustainable development, including significant revenue derived from the Timor Gap.  Investment priorities include:

·        Sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation

·        Sustainable development education and research

·        Water supply, sanitation and waste management

·        Sustainable energy infrastructure

·        Environmental impact assessment of development