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Issues/ problems

Inappropriate design ie concrete houses in tropics Education needed to inform people People influenced by western media to want western lifestyle Lack of planning Lack of proper zoning Imported materials are too expensive and distort/disrupt the local economy City (Dili) doesnít know its own face Need for holistic approach to planning How to reconcile availability of concrete vs lack of timber Globalisation creates loss of local identity Local knowledge and materials Studies needed so people can make informed choices- examples Association of status with imported design Community housing a priority Need to encourage local architects and architecture Include environmental education models for schools and villages Set up demonstration model of sustainable design Training programs needed for Australian builders Co-operation between housing rights groups and architects Sustainable design education in technical colleges How to solve: immediate/urgent problems; medium-term problems; long-term problems Knock down inappropriate buildings need for building codes to implement technical design urban- work, live in urban designs; rurual-build in the traditional way Bamboo good for small buildings Bamboo is being made into laminated beams Research is needed into suitable bamboo varieties and treatment Recycle and reuse material from damaged buildings


Priority Issues


Need for examples/models

          Set up demonstration model of sustainable design

          Need to encourage local architects and architecture

          Different models for urban and rural situations

          Conduct research program into suitable bamboo varieties for building and treatments for preservation

          Use bamboo for smaller buildings

          Investigate possibilities for using bamboo in laminated beams (happening in factory in West Timor)

Need for community education

          Environmental education (including sustainable design) modules for schools and villages

          Sustainable design modules included in technical college courses where local builders are being trained

Inappropriate designs (use of concrete)

          Conduct seminars for Australian builders and construction companies

          Build cooperation between housing rights groups and local sustainable design architects

          Knock down rather than rebuild inappropriate buildings

          Recycle and reuse material from damaged buildings

Inappropriate planning

          Need to delineate short, medium and long-term problems

          Communityhousing is a priority

          Draw up a building code to implement technical design and ensure vested interests canít take shortcuts

          Holistic planning needs to take into account waste, energy and water considerations also.