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Laws must recognise the rights of local communities, their needs and wants Laws should consider social, cultural, and environmental factors People should know about the planned mining before the mine goes ahead Need transparency and accessibility by the media Need legislation Need to know the track record of the company Will there be training for East Timorese? The mine should educate local children so that it is eventually they that run the company How does East Timor keep control of the development Need for a mining department Need for community consultation and participation Need to draft a national policy on mining- then set priorities Make clear who owns the minerals- the government or the people Need for environmental impact assessment of the mine- people need to be involved in the EIA, and those affected, e.g. fishermen Needs to be a feasibility study How much of the profits from the mining will the East Timorese government, and the East Timorese people receive? East Timorís own experts should assess the mine proposal The local community should be fully informed before the mine begins Need for monitoring and enforcement Guarantee of compensation from the company, e.g. bond ††




Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Need a government department to make sure EIA is done.
  • Make sure law says that mine cannot start until EIA is done
  • Community/NGOís should be done to make sure EIA is done, and to review the assessment

Mine Company Accountable

  • Company should lodge a bond with government
  • Company should have to give information to local community
  • Government should set up monitoring and enforcement
  • Company should meet government costs

Capacity Building by Investors

        Company should provide scholarships to study (not just for one mine).


Customary Law

  • Law should recognise the rights of indigenous people, and their customary law
  • Needs to be a system to make sure that local community get a fair share of the profits
  • Must be fair compensation

Community Awareness Before Mine Exploration

  • Train the trainers, seminars discussion in community
  • Company should translate its documents into local language
  • Community should be given independent information about mine impacts
  • Give EIA to Community
  • Company should register with government before it gets into community
  • Community awareness, understanding of particiation
  • Recognition of indigenous rights (incl customery laws)
  • Capacity building by investors
  • Investors fully accountable