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·  Political instability · Lack of infrastructure (waste, roads etc) · Prioritise infrastructure for Timorese · Understanding of potential · Lack of successful models · Lack of attractions · Training/capacity building · Government policy – strategic planning · Lack of UNTAET attention · Lack of information/database ·Lack of investment policy · Land tenure issues · Lack of confidence of locals in their ‘product’ · Language difficulties · Intercultural challenges · Environmental damage · Local involvement · planning industry itself · Health issues  ·  Tourism concepts · Problems of ‘mass tourism’ (culture, infrastructure, environment) · Socio-cultural challenges (commercialisation) · Which market to access · Lack of marketing/imaging (promotion) · Malae damaging tourism resource now (sites, environment, culture)  ·  Dangers of tourism · Perception TLS is unsafe · CHOICES: Instability; Policy etc (strategic planning/problems of ‘mass tourism’); Infrastructure; Cultural challenges; Training/capacity building.




Political Instability

·        Single clear structure of government (is now confusing)

·        Fix economy (leads to less political instability and other problems)

·        Politicise community (increase political awareness)

·        Improve education system

·        Empowerment/responsibility of civil society

·        UNTAET out of governing role and into advisory role (ET to self govern)


·        UNTAET not in governance role – advisory role only

·        More power to East Timorese to self govern

·        Empowerment of East Timorese and civil society

  • Process of ‘Timorisation’

      -    too slow

-         not efficient

  • not necessary or successful

·     Timorese not empowered in work – low skilled menial work

·     Lack of experience in decision making – leadership, administration etc

·     Tourism will happen despite all the above, the question is in what form and who controls it

Infrastructure (lack of)

·        Address needs of local population first

·        Lack of tourism

·        Training and capacity building

Cultural Challenges

·        Need for community awareness/education to stress value of ET culture

·        Encourage people to be proud of being ET