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Deforestation Forest burning eneven distribution of water resources Poor water quality and poor health Lack of testing laboratory protecting water catchment areas around the city poor water quality in Dili 7 areas lacking water Climate change Need training for management of water resources Control import and use of chemicals Need legislation and fines for polluters (traditional and government) Falling water table Lack of information about water quantity and quality Salination of coastal groundwater Over extraction of water from ground water by pumps.




Deforestation and deliberate burning of forests- bare earth, erosion, landslide and reduced water availability

     Education programs involving local people

     More sustainable farming practices and land use




Poor water quality and poor human health (water borne disease)


     Short term - treatment of water (eg boiling) and alternative sources eg rainwater harvesting

     Medium term fence livestock and poultry out of water supply catchment, install sanitation and hygiene education

     Long term village level through to whole catchment protection (erosion control and reforestation)

Protecting water catchments in urban areas


     Set up common land forestry to head off private land struggles

     Need a strong forestry department

Lack of effective legislation to protect water resources

     Laws to prevent water pollution by mining and industry

     Strengthen the role of traditional law in preventing deforestation and pollution

     Need a strong a well resourced Forestry Unit