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 · Access to info re environmental law · Lack of human resources · Acknowledgement of traditional law re the environment · Low level of awareness re environmental law and regulation · Laws should reflect local needs and the local situation-what makes the laws work? · Poor leadership · Environmental education and resource regeneration policy · No instituion or apparatus responsible for monitoring or enforcement · Confusion re ownership of land and resources · Public participation and consultation · Scale of priority for resource exploitation, “environment vs development” · Lack of co-ordination between government institutions.




Information and awareness for all stakeholders




·        Rural seminars and workshops

·        Industry seminars

·        Independent government/industry watchdog, including xxx regulations


What makes the law work?

Recognition of adat and public participation



·        Research elements of adat and incorporate into national law (including the questionaire)

·        Consultation drafts for the constitution and proposed environmental regulations.


Human Resources and poor leadership



·        Place environmental issues on school curriculum

·        Promote co-operation between UNTAET and CNRT in the transitional stage.