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Workshop: Environmental Management


Pollution Forest fores Air pollution Logging Low Education Erosion and Flooding Loss of wildlife Overgrazing Shifting cultivation Need for regulations Foreign experts Roadside stalls and litter Administration for the environment Energy alternatives Lack of government control International conventions Lack of policy Lack of experts Need for training in: agriculture, economists, administration, environment, mining experts, finance.




Low education and awareness

        A strong education system is required (ie. Focus on schools and curriculum)

        There is a need for educational facilities (equipment, tools, infrastructure)

        A public awareness campaign is necessary.

        The government must endorse and support the need for education and awareness

        The community must support the process strongly.

Lack of technical training

        There is a need to technical training programmes in environmental management for professional staff within the administration.

        There is a need for training facilities (equipment, tools, infrastructure)

        There is a need for other associated resources (funding and expertise)

Lack of government control

        There is a need for a clear government structure for environmental management from top to bottom.

        Environmental issues must be integrated into policy development in a range of key areas including agriculture, health, economy, education

        The government must participate closely with the community in environmental management

        Development of an appropriate legal framework for environmental management.

Lack of regulation

o       There is a need for intensive training within the administration and public on the content and means of applying environmental regulations.

o       There must be a clear process for involving civil society in the development of environmental policies and regulations.

o       Environmental regulations must be made realistic and relevant to the East Timor context, to be achieved via community involvement and consultation.

o       The government needs to be well intentioned in the implementation of its policies and regulations.