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Issues identified with forests


Bad management Firewood, over-cutting Shifting cultivation Illegal logging Top-down planning No law enforcement Unclear land tenure, forest/resource Trade in protected wildlife Confusions: custom / government law Overgrazing Uncontrolled burning No clear boundaries No community education No guildelines for implementation Poverty/economic pressure -> overuse of forest products Use of timber for local construction Conflict between traditional and current management practices Exploitation of forest using local people Loss/modification of habitat No land-use policy Lack of integrated + multi-disciplinary approach Lack of awareness of community ownership and/or management Lack of data/access to data Lack of capacity/resources/priority Lack of donor cooperation Lack of government structure




Bad management of forests

        Employ experienced foresters

        Coordination and cooperation between forestry, water catchment and land use dept.s

        Develop strategic framework and guiding principles using action/learning process


No clear boundaries or ownership

        Constitution needs to clarify forest ownership

        National forests policy and national land use policy


Lack of awareness of community ownership/management of resources

        More resources for training at community level

        Resource a national forest inventory

        Develop alternatives to wood for cooking

        Educate community as to which wood is ok to use i.e. dead wood.


No guidelines for implementing laws.

        Develop a system of law enforcement and penalties.

        Provide resources to implement.

        Cooperate with the Church in community education on importance of forest protection.