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GENDER Workshop





Negative impacts of Indonesian invasion and western influence in the transition (e.g clothing, mistresses) on East Timorese women Education for both women and men Husbands and wives Family planning, health Polygamy Capacity building, e.g. participation in decision-making Empowerment of women at village level The role of culture and the role of the church and its voice for the women of East Timor Getting men and women to work together to raise awareness of gender issues Access to resources water, sanitation, and health of the family Policies, laws, and programs.




Capacity Building i.e. participation of women in decision making, skills giving, agriculture.

  • Training (both through formal education system and informal courses)
  • Increase public awareness
  • Informal causes

Education for both men and women


  • Library classes (some already)
  • Public information campaigns (posters with pictures, radio, TV)
  • Informal education
  • Strengthening education system provision of more schools, teachers, books etc.

Access to resources


  • Legislation for women to own property
  • Education for women to apply for credit
  • Lobby banks for gender sensitive lending policies

Water sanitation and family planning and health of the family

  • Provision of water to villages eg pipes to springs
  • Education to boil water before drinking
  • Enforcement of regulations re deforestation (no. 17)
  • More nurses/mid-wives in villages
  • Improved constructions of latrines.