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Health Workshop Report


Monday 29th Jan 2001




Improvements to structure and infrastructure health, waste disposal, water Education, promotion and training (formal and informal): nutrition, general health and sanitation, schools/media No equity in health service in village area, Timorese staff Environment: air, water, living conditions, waste disposal Capacity building and transfer of skills to Timorese people Budget Maternal Health HIV/AIDS Social and economic factors Quality of medical services is poor Urbanisation greater stress Policies: environment (water/air pollution), cleanliness, road safety, information required Lack of professional staff.




1. Improvements to health structure (organisational/social) and infrastructure (physical)



                    The government must rebuild health infrastructure that was destroyed

                    A comprehensive plan needs to be drawn up


2. Education and Promotion of general health issues

                    The government must implement a basic health education programme

                    The government must produce a manual on health education that can be used by all organisations and groups

                    Health education must be part of the national curriculum

The government must implement a public education campaign with posters, brochures and calendars in all districts

                    Education campaigns must include courses for administrators and management as well as doctors and nurses


3. No equity in health services in rural areas



        More medicine needs to be made available to the public

4a. Health policies




4b. Capacity building

                    All programs implemented by NGOs, the government and communtiy groups must also consider health issues


                    Management of health services must be improved

                    Medical staff need to be recruited