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Pollution Workshop Report




Plastic Imported waste Communication with districts Information and Education Enforcement of regulations Illegal dumping Economic incentives Waste removal infrastructure Exhaust fumes, air pollution waste oil factory waste Petrochemicals Waste management and control capacity building Inorganic waste (agriculture) Enforcement Research and monitoring Toxic and hazardous waste.


Priority Issues

Progress to Date

Changes Needed



1. Waste Management & Control

        Adoption of Indonesian Regulations

        Tibar Recommendations

        Organisational Structures (ETTA, NGOs,

        Implementation of Simple Technologies

        Staffing (work teams)

        Dissemination of Information

        Evaluation (Current situation, effectiveness of implementation)

        Develop Priority Programs

        Bring Together Multi-discipline Group to determine Practical Solutions

        Formal & Informal Education of Community, Businesse

        Data Collection and Analysis

        Utilise NGOs

2. Regulations & Enforcement, Community Awareness

        Adoption of Indonesian Regulations

        Recommended as a Priority Area for Action (EPU)

        Donor Activity

        Legal Sanctions (& Penalties that reflect severity of offence)

        "Socialisation" (i.e. Community Involvement & Education) before Application of Regulations

        Community Awareness Raising

        Develop New Regulations that Recognise the Specific Needs and Culture of East Timor.

        Establish District Environment Committees

        Organise Weekly Cleanings Through Chiefs de Aldeia

        Distribute Information on Illegal Dumping (Effects, Regulations)

        Publicity Campaign (Radio, posters)

        Provide Adequate Waste Disposal Facilities (Govt)


3. Plastics

        Some Recycling (Plant containers)

        Indonesian / UNTAET Regulations

        Develop East Timor Regulations

        More Recycling

        Encourage Recycling by Private Sector

        Reduce Use of Plastic Water Bottles

        Information & Education Campaign

        Encourage Use of Traditional (Easily Decomposable or Reusable) Materials

        Utilise New Technologies to Reduce / Recycle Plastics