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Traditional Culture,

Tue 30 January 2001




· Institute government laws re environmental protection · Process from traditional culture to modern culture · Threats from outside cultures · Children don’t know their culture and are embarrassed, such as having to wear traditional clothes on traditional days · Lack of skills to build traditional houses · Threat of church religion from adat (traditional laws) · Traditional law and loss of traditional language/culture · Decision-making process in traditional culture · Constituional protection for traditional culture · Elements of traditional culture which are not beneficial, e.g bride price.




Threats from outside to East Timorese culture

·        Eductation – formal and informal

·        Institute laws

·        Establish a cultural institute

·        Research culture and language (regional)

·        Utilise mass media

Lack of awareness about and reluctance to follow traditional East Timorese culture

Protection in the constitution of East Timorese traditional culture

Changes to elements of traditional culture

·        Research by women’s organisations

·        Advocacy

·        Agreements between all players

·        eg bride price – alter cost according to ability to pay